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StartsWith function invalid with ||


Hi, I am new to Powerapp and would like to seek help for this. I am trying to search two different columns, Name and Date ,within one search box and be able to filter my inputs by 'Date'. However, I got this error with I use the '||' function. 


Hi @Winnietws ,

It looks like you're missing a close bracket after your second StartsWith() to close off the filter expression?

SortbyColumns(Filter(StartsWith()||StartsWith() ) ,"column", sortorder)

Hope this helps,




 Hi RT , I included the closed bracket. I not sure about the error for 'Date'

Are you sure you want to use StartsWith on a date?

You could use StartsWith(Text(Date), TextSearchBox1_1.Text) to fix the error, but most likely you want to filter on an exact date using Date = DateValue(TextSearchBox1_1.Text)


Hi @Winnietws ,

I would guess your problem stems from incompatible data types.

A Date type is not the same as a Text type.  This means, the string of today's date "2021/09/30" and the output of Today() are not equal because one is Text, and the other is a Date. "2021/09/30" = Today() = False.

Both sides of a comparison must be of the same types - always.


StartsWith() requires a text value to compare with another text value - if the data is stored as a Date type, then you can't use StartsWith() to compare that date to text unless you also convert the date to text first. 

Conversely, if the data you're comparing a Date type against is a Text type, you would need to convert it to a date type first for the comparison to work - and then you wouldn't use StartsWith() to do the comparison because it only does text comparisons.


Assuming your column is a Date type, you can try this - but quick disclaimer - I haven't tested it and I'm not going to type the whole thing, just insert the first part of your formula where .... is;

.... StartsWith(' name', TextSearchBox1_1.Text) || Date = DateValue(TextSearchBox1_1.Text)

You might get a delegation warning using the DateValue function inside a filter, so you can first define it using a With() statement and pass the result in - so your whole function goes inside the With()

With({convertedDate: DateValue(TextSearchBox1_1.Text)},
.... StartsWith(' name', TextSearchBox1_1.Text) || Date = convertedDate)

Note: If users are typing in dates, they could be doing it as dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd and so forth - so if you aren't already using a datepicker to select dates, you might want to consider it to avoid validating date formats.

Hope this helps,


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