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Store Camera or Pen Images for Later Retrieval?

Content migrated from TechNet.  Post attribution to: ExCessna


Can a PowerApp store images from the camera or pen in an Excel file on OneDrive, a SharePoint list or some other data container for later retrieval? So far, I've been able to store pen and camera files as blob files and, of course, in a temporary collection that can be displayed in a gallery. I don't understand how to use blob files and more permanent storage is the goal. Is there another way to do this or is there an easy way to read back the blob files and convert them to images again?

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I finally got the images saved in DropBox...problem was I had too many failed attempts at this objective and the connection I was using didn't connect to the correct spreadsheet, so the paths to the images were incorrect!

But now the problem remains, how to get the images saved in a SharePoint list. It still seems that the images must be saved in the cloud (OneDrive or Google Drive) or on a website first to avoid having to "upload" them to SharePoint (also in the cloud). SharePoint doesn't allow the fields to be named with a "[image]" suffix...the brackets are not allowed. (I'm getting the idea this suffix is a special construct in PowerApps, correct?)

To save in SharePoint, each image must have an "http://" address, as I understand it. But to save them in the cloud or on a website first essentially separates the images and the text from each other until they get into SharePoint, which doesn't seem like a real good solution. Nevertheless, I'm going to give it a try.

I like your idea of using the mediabutton. If you make it work, please post your method.

Thanks. Hope we can make this work somehow.

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Hi Brian, ExCessna:

I manage to Patch both Camera and AddPicture.

(a) When using Camera and AddPicture, I failed. When I used Camera Only, it works. Remember: Once you have Camera and Addpicture in ONE SINGLE apps and fail, attempt to remove Addpicture will still be FAIL. START from a Brand New Apps, purely with Camera only. I had tried more than 4 apps. (Pain but gain!)

(b) Use Add Picture:

Please see the attached illustration.

Wish this really helps and maybe you will get a better idea and a shortcut.

PG..hopefully you had a better solution than this LONG LONG WAY.

(NB: You may make the Add picture smaller, the Gallery invisible, leave only IMAGE)


PK Hong

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How to submit image into a SharePoint list? The list only allows a url link format, not picture.

Hi, how to submit image into a SharePoint list? The list only allows a url link format, not picture.

New Member

Downloads are not working anymore. Are they still avalible somewhere?

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I am working on expense form. So I must use "add picture control" for take receipt photo. ( Not with camera) 

I am able to save to sharepoint list. type of Sharepoint list column is "Multiple lines of text".

Code: patch(nameofsharepointlist, {})

this code save it that is: blob:B3BAEDDA-411A-4A10-8320-2F540DA98C15 and then it didn't seem in my powerapps in image gallery.


if I save it into collections, and then if ı do same things, it work. But ı have to save mt sharepointlist.

if ı save to sharepoint and then if I get it sharepoint, it don't work.


how can I do it? 

Thank you 

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