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Helper V
Helper V

Store data temporarily until approval is obtained

Hi all,

I need to create a new screen in my existing app to display users data from master list that i have created in sharepoint,now in that users will be editing some info for some items (thru powerapps) and when the edit is submitted for approval i would like to store that edit details temporaraily somewhere so that once the approval is obtained by the user the changes are implemented in the original list items otherwise the temporarly stored data will be wiped off and the original item will be kept intact


I can't say how many days it will take for the approver to approve/reject the edit suggested by other user


So please tell me where can i store this data temporarily and overwrite existing list item once it is approved ?

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @vish_p,


If I understand correctly, you want an item of a SP list to be updated after the approval has been done. I assume you're using Flow for the approval. If you're approver manages to approve/reject within 30 days, it's no problem to do this. If it is possible that the approver needs more time you need to use HTTP requests in you Flow to call another Flow that triggers the original again.


Let's say the approver will be able to approve/reject within 30 days. You can add a Sumbit button to your Form in PowerApps which calls the Flow but NOT submits the Form. In your Flow you can use the Trigger PowerApps and store some variables in there using Ask in PowerApps.


Create your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png

Start with asking for the Listitem ID so you can update the Listitem after the approval with this ID. You can make a Compose action for every variable you need.










Create your flow _ Microsoft Flow.pngAfter you've collected all variables you need, start the Start and wait for an approval action and after that a Condition which checks if the approver approved so you can use the Update item action and fill it with the variables you have set in the beginning of the Flow.








Hope this helps you with your question.

@QJappie22  Thanx for the response 🙂


Can i do it without using flow ?  like can i temporarily store it in some collections in powerapps ? and then submit to the form once

the changes are approved ?


Also in flow we are sending an email for approval but i would like the approval to happen locally in my powerapp itself as user wont be interested to receve mail for each modification since the data is huge

Helper V
Helper V

Please anyone help me out here

Hi @vish_p,


I'm sorry for my late response, but if you still need help let me suggest this:

What you could do is make a seperated SP list which holds the same columns as the original one to store your data temporarily AND holds one extra column which stores the itemID from the original SP list. Add a Form to you PowerApp that is connected with this temporarily SP list. If you have filled in this Form you can submit it so it stores the data in this temporarily SP list.

Now you could add a new screen for the approver which contains a gallery that shows the items from the temporarily SP list and also shows a Form which holds the data of the selected gallery item. Here you can place a button that starts a Flow to which you'll provide the itemID from the temporarily SP list so you can get all the information in Flow with 'Get Item'.

This 'Get Item' will then also provide you with the ItemID from the original SP list so you can use the 'Update Item' to update the original item.


This way there will be no emails for approval but all the approvals are shown in the gallery of the new screen which could then be used to update the original item.


I don't think there's another way to do this that comes near your wanted solution so I hope this will help you further 🙂

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