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Strange behavior - Need your help!

Hello to everyone!


Resolved by myself with workaround. 


I have a new item form (screen "sickLeave_new", "newrequestSL" form) connected to sharepoint list with attachments.

I need to add an image (using Add picture control) from smartphone and add it to attachment field of the new item.

My formulas:

Add picture control "OnSelect":


ClearCollect(NewScan, {DisplayName:"Scan.jpg",Value:UploadedScan.Image,AbsoluteUri:"",Id:"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"})

 Attachment field (MaxAttachments = 1): 


Items = NewScan

How it should work - I choose picture and it appears in attachment field.


But when I start this app and choose a picture it doesn't appear in attachment's field (see pic1_1/1_2). Only if I close the new form window, open it again and then choose other image, it appears in attachment's field (pic2).


Additional formulas:

1) Close "New form" button OnSelect = Clear(NewScan);ResetForm(newrequestSL); Navigate(HomeScreen,ScreenTransition.None)

2) Home screen OnVisible =  Clear(NewScan)

3) Button "Got to new item form window" OnSelect=Clear(NewScan); ResetForm(newrequestSL); NewForm(newrequestSL); Navigate(sickLeave_new,ScreenTransition.None)


Will be very gratefull for any idea or advice how to fix this strange behavior.



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Re: Strange behavior - Need your help!

Hello Ekaterina_N, This might not help much, but I was just evaluating image attachments in PA last week, since I have an app that DESPIRATELY needs native camera support for an image "click and store" scenario. I found a thread that mentions support for image attachments was to be released in April (very soon.) I had documents attaching to SP online lists just fine as per this first thread below, but I could not make the native IOS camera control take a pic and seamlessly attach it to an online list, in spite of all my efforts 😉 Microsoft is a smart team, but I wish they would help us both with this item! I guess it helps to suffer together, so best wishes as we await the feature, SmartMeter.
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Re: Strange behavior - Need your help!

Hi SmartMeter, thanks for your reply. I've checked one of links and found this info: "The photo features should be out by June"...

But I need to launch my app earlier, so still wait for someone's help...

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Re: Strange behavior - Need your help!

After some manipulations I can get the picture as attachment without re-openinig new item form. The solution is to set reset field value to true for attachment's field value. BUT the first choosen picture still doesn't appear in attachment field - only second, third and etc.
Does anyone can help me to fix this?

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Re: Strange behavior - Need your help!

Had exactly the same issue. Using IPhone 5s and client requires native camera. Although I get attachments from an ImageCollection appearing when I submit they just don't get saved as attachments on list item. This is the link I used:


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