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Studio needs long minutes to load app and, browser crashes often



I have a problem with my app. It has now 40 screens, they are mostly forms to different SharePoint lists and tables showing data from these lists. App sometimes needs even 15 minutes to load in studio, then when trying to copy-paste some elements between screens browser often crashes.


I am having similar issues both when using Edge (64bit) or Chrome (64bit). Memory usage of browser often goes to up 4GB, and then available resources are gone 🙂


Today I decided to replace some part of GUI with components, hoping this could speed it up, but when placing these components on screens browser again crashes, so after the whole day I am not sure, whether this will help or not.


App has already 235 versions, because I am saving it over and over again, being frightened, that if I don't, I'm going to loose what I have done so far. Working this way is highly inefficient and frustrating. 


What is important, this issue is only related to Studio, the Player works fine.


@Mr-Dang-MSFTI do not know what screens I can attach. Imo components are not an issue here. Also as this is not related to the player, but studio, I think that session ID doesn't help here either?


In network tab as well I can see, that Studio is constinously sending GET requests to the but I guess is not receiving the response that is expecting.


Any help appreciated! 🙂


Best regards,


Power Apps
Power Apps

Re: Studio needs long minutes to load app and, browser crashes often

@TomaszPoszytek ,

You can retrieve a session id with these steps:


My initial hunch is that much of your performance can be resolved with a review of best practices:


I highly suggest that you re-scope the purpose of your app so that it is much fewer than 40 screens. If you can describe your use case more and show screenshots of what you're trying to achieve, the community can make suggestions. 


Are you collecting a lot of data on the start of your app? Apps should not take 15 minutes to load nor should it take 1 minute. You should only bring in the minimum amount of data needed with the big idea that apps are not replacements for back end tools. A lean app is the goal.

TopShelf-MSFT Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: Studio needs long minutes to load app and, browser crashes often

Thanks for posting in the community @TomaszPoszytek - can you review the above reply and update the thread when you have a chance? 


Thank you,



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