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Submit Button not writing data to excel

Hello everyone, I am new to PowerApps. I am trying to write a survey using PowerApps, I used the Employee Engagement Survey as guide. I have figured out everything I want to do, but when I hit submit it does not write to my excel table. Here is what is in the OnClick of the Submit Button.



If(!IsBlank(LookUp(Responses,Username=User().FullName,Responses)),UpdateIf(Responses,Username=User().FullName,{ResponseId:ResponseId,Answer1:TextInput3_3.Text,Answer2:TextInput3_2.Text,Answer3:TextInput3_1.Text,Answer4:Text(DatePicker3_1.SelectedDate),Answer5:TextInput4_1.Text,Answer6:TextInput4_2.Text,Answer7:TextInput4_3.Text,Answer8:If(Radio1_1.SelectedText.OptionText="No","No," & TextInput5_1.Text,Radio1_1.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer9:(Dropdown2.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer10:(Dropdown1.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer11:(Radio4.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer12:TextInput8_1.Text,Answer13:(Dropdown3.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer14:(Radio3.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer15:TextInput1_12.Text,Answer16:TextInput1_14.Text,Answer17:If(Dropdown1_1.SelectedText.OptionText="Other","Other,"&TextInput1_16.Text,Dropdown1_1.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer182:Text(DatePicker1.SelectedDate),Username:User().FullName}),
UpdateContext({NewSurvey:Patch(Responses,Defaults(Responses),{ResponseId:Text(CountRows(Responses)+1),Answer1:TextInput3_3.Text,Answer2:TextInput3_2.Text,Answer3:TextInput3_1.Text,Answer4:Text(DatePicker3_1.SelectedDate),Answer5:TextInput4_1.Text,Answer6:TextInput4_2.Text,Answer7:TextInput4_3.Text,Answer8:If(Radio1_1.SelectedText.OptionText="No","No" & TextInput5_1.Text,Radio1_1.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer9:(Dropdown2.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer10:(Dropdown1.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer11:Text(Radio4.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer12:TextInput8_1.Text,Answer13:(Dropdown3.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer14:(Radio3.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer15:TextInput1_12.Text,Answer16:TextInput1_14.Text,Answer17:If(Dropdown1_1.SelectedText.OptionText="Other","Other," & TextInput1_16.Text,Dropdown1_1.SelectedText.OptionText),Answer182:Text(DatePicker1.SelectedDate),Username:User().FullName})}));Navigate(Finish_Screen,ScreenTransition.Fade)



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Submit Button not writing data to excel

Hi @Wisper ,


Could you please share more details about your formula screen? What data source are you using, Excel in OneDrive or  imported Excel worksheet? Is there any error or warning prompt?


Assuming you are using Excel in OneDrive for business, if there are more than 500 rows, there would be delegation issues for your data source. Please reference to below official doc to understand more:


Based on the formula you provided, it is supposed to work fine unless there are delegation issues caused by “Username=User().FullName” parts. Please try to set a variable Set(varUser, User().FullName) on Apps OnStart property, and use the variable instead of User().FullName in formulas to avoid delegation issue.  Then you could try:



If you have any further information or other questions, please let us know.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,
Community Support Team _ Jeffer Ni
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New Member

Re: Submit Button not writing data to excel

Thank you @v-jefferni for responding. Yes this is going to an Excel file in OneDrive for business. I tried raising the delegation limit, and set a varUser, no success on either. I am so new at all this I don't even know how to setup the data on a SharePoint. Is there a way to remove the whole User().Fullname thing, and get the data to submit. At this point I don't care if it checks the records to see if they already filled it out. They have to put their name in anyway as answer 1 and 2.

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