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SubmitForm command changes Gallery.Selected item record

I have an app connected to a SharePoint list. I have a form that is in Edit Mode, and loading from a Gallery via .Selected property. After submitting changes successfully, the Edit Form control is changing the .Selected value to the first record in the data source set. This should not be happening, it should just load the currently selected record. I noticed this change today and last worked on the app late last week. Anyone know why this would happen? I haven't changed anything in the code since last week :(.



Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi, if i'm not mistaken I think I'm having the same Issue, I tried to do what @JoshHoughton said but the CustomVariable didn't work.

This thing is happening in all of my apps, can anyone please help me find a solution cause I've been trying all week?


Here is a link to my post:



Thank you very much



Was this issue fixed? I am seeing this on my app.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

I am still facing this issue and it is being investigated by an Microsoft Support Engineer.
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I havent used PowerApps since earlier this year.  I would very much like to come back to it but for now, its a lot of work(arounds) to do things it is supposed to do out of the box.  Some issues sit for months or longer without attention.  My belief is that new features are taking precedence.  If Microsoft were hemoraging money or teetering on solvency, I could understand developing new features as a primary means of product growth but I hardly believe that is the case.


My belief is that in development, you take care features that should work, now.  This is so the people who are utilizing the current feature sets are productive and are not frustrated and go away.  This is also so you as a front-line user and developer go onto to tell others of the wonderful things about this new product you are using.  This is what I would call a win-win situation.  Contrarily, you are dissatisfied because a year or two has gone by and fundamental features still do not work and you've seen others ask about the same features without resolution.


A definite must read is "Raving Fans" by Ken Blanchard.  Its all about customer service.  Development is not only about technology, its about customer service and that is what we are missing when an egregious, confusing, painful, long-standing issue hasnt been addressed that is fundamental to how the program is designed to work.

Has there been any progress on this? Seeing this in an app I'm developing via the web editor

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This error is happening for me. I'm using latest version of Powerapps and Windows. Please Help! Making app for large company.


Thakn you,


hello @rjandro


Are you having the same issue as in the gif in the following link ?? :




Resolver I
Resolver I

I am seeing the same. I have a Sort and a Filter in my Gallery and after removing the Sort function, it works perfectly fine. Is there any news yet from Microsoft? It seems to be a bug. Now I have to choose between user experience and functionality. 

Helper I
Helper I

I am experiencing this same issue. When a form is submitted, even if there is no action OnSuccess or OnFailue my selected Gallery item will reset to the first in the list. 


Although I could use a workaround to directly reference the gallery item, the default solution would be much less complex. 

I was able to fix it, someone from thos forum gave me a solution (sorry couldn’t find the post).

Set the selected gallery item as a global variable - e.g Set(ID,

Worked for me without fail.

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