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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

SubmitForm function can only work on a form. Wrong kind of control input is given...

All of a sudden, the Submit button stops working, producing this error:




It was working fine and I changed NOTHING in my EditForm.


This is a custom button. The original tick in the upper right corner with exactly the same formula/settings works just fine.


Any idea?

Regular Visitor

Yes, I am facing the same issue. 😞 hopefully it will be resolved soon

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

 I received word from Microsoft about this issue.  Unfortunately, there's no date yet, but they said:


Product team is working on high priority to get the issue fixed soon.

I will keep you updated.

Frequent Visitor

I have a button that does all 3, so I believe the Edit, New and ResetForm functions are all malfunctioning.


I have two miscrosoft accounts in my org, so i triggered the error when I transferred my working app from one environment, to the next as a brand new application.  Good thing I checked the board right away!  I was about to spend hours trying to troubleshoot this.

If i find a quick work around i'll respond.  (I dont think changing your functions to Patch is the sexiest idea tbh, so Ill have that be my last resort).

Frequent Visitor

When I moved my button out of its DataCard and pasted it on the main screen the function worked again. Pasted the same button into a DataCard in my form... error returned. Same happened with an icon.


Hope this info helps.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Same issue for me... and bad luck, the customer is testing many of my powerapps list forms... Snif.. think I hate recent powerapps updates: issues with requestHide, now SubmitForm.. next week, another regression? QA required please

Just wanted to add that I'm also running into the same issue with the SubmitForm. Other functions that also worked previously in version 3.19061.14 (Patch and Running a Manually Triggered Flow) are also affected due to a mix of the variables being changed. For example, the "Modified" field is no longer there, it may have been replaced with "Updated"?  This is a PowerApps with a SharePoint List.


Other functions broken after 3.19062.18 releaseOther functions broken after 3.19062.18 release



Power Apps
Power Apps

Thanks for all of the reports on this issue! We've released a fix and this should be resolved now.

Frequent Visitor

Knew you would!

Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
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Thank you!

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