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Sudden appearance of red x's

Today, when I opened up my powerapps app, I'm presented with a ton of red x's.  It appears to save and publish fine, but any ideas whats going on?




@Anonymous @CindyZ @Anonymous @syed_sme @longathrow If the App checker is not reporting any errors, the red X's should be safe to ignore.  They likely are triggered when a formula is run while the datasource is in an intermediate/invalid state and are not being cleared properly after the datasource has updated and became valid again.  Is anyone noticing functionality loss?  Or is it more of an annoyance / causing confusion?




Thanks for this, in fact after going to View-> Data sources and refresh the Sharepoint connection the app worked again.

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Hi @_Corey_ 


This issue seems to have resurfaced again. I am now getting this every time I close and re-open the app. I tried the three steps you listed earlier in this thread but continue to get the same issue. I have also tried clearing cache and opening the app on a range of different devices but continue to have the same problem. Have there been any other developments or any other steps we can try to resolve this? I'm getting 150+ of these errors and having to refresh 10+ data sources (all SP lists) each time I open the app. Without knowing the eventual impact this will have on the app in the long term we are reluctant to continue development on any apps until this is resolved so any update you could provide would go a long way to help us make a decision about how to proceed.

I see that with frightening regularity whenever I modify a SharePoint list form in Powerapps. No, nothing else has changed (by me) prior to it freaking out this way: I work on the form, save and publish it, then come back to edit it again and there it is... a royal PITA. (I love the product and Power Automate, but the UI sucks out loud. I could write a BOOK of all the idiosyncrasies that are solved in either app with some stupid "jiggle-the-handle" hack.)

Helper II
Helper II's April 2021, and I'm getting the red X's.  Looking back on this appears Microsoft has known about this since 2019, and it's still not fixed??  Or what exactly is causing it?  Anyone else get any info on the current status of this issue? 




Resolver I
Resolver I

I noticed an increase in that issue the last two days. Once it was because I had changed a control that was used in other formulae, but more often it was just having trouble connecting to the data! Sometimes a Refresh fixed it, sometimes it didn't, and I'd go find something else to do in the meanwhile.

The MS Cloud may be ubiquitous, but that doesn't mean it's not frequently sketchy.

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I'm with @TeeroyLyon . This has started happening quite frequently with all of my apps. If I click in the formula bar, and click off, the error goes away. But when I have 50+ dropdowns in the form, this is quite tedious. What is the solution Microsoft??

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Super User


Since they are run-time errors based on the initial load of your app into the designer...are they causing an issue?

In general you can ignore them as they only apply to the initial run of an app you're editing which is not initialized the same way as a published app.

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There is something up the last few days. I am having this also (on new and old apps) for any people columns. This was an issue and then it stopped and then for a while you could just refresh the data source and it was fine but now that isn't working either. You have to remove and add back the "items" of the combo box to clear it and then if you refresh your data it is back.


It still is just really annoying! 


I haven't reached out to anyone about it yet but I do think something is up. 



This issue was either never resolved or is reoccurring. 


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