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Helper III
Helper III

Suddenly Can't Edit in Chrome

Hi all


I have a PowerApps form based off of a SharePoint list. It's been working for many months - users enter project requests, then managers edit the request to add notes and assign it to other associates to do the work.

Last week, the manager community started to be unable to edit the form using Chrome. I too can't edit. Typically, we just double-click, the form pops open, we click Edit All, and make our changes. Double-clicking does nothing. Nor does selecting the item from the list, then clicking Edit. It does work in Internet Explorer. And, if a user selects "Copy Link" then pastes that into a new tab, it's editable.


Thus, I don't know if this is a PowerApps issue, SharePoint issue, Chrome issue... or something else. TIA for any help!


Dual Super User
Dual Super User

I just tried one of my SharePoint integrated forms in Chrome and its working fine.  It may be something specific in the way you are doing your form.  I would open it up in the Power Apps editor and make sure there haven't been changes to underlying functionality that are causing an issue.  But in general its not a Chrome or a SharePoint list issue.

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Advocate I
Advocate I

We are also having the exact same problem with our Powerapps form no longer functioning in Chrome. However it seems to work fine in IE. We have poked around endlessly in the settings, but have been unsuccessful  in finding a solution. Nothing about our forms design or implementation changed between 11/26 and 11/27 when the custom form stopped working in Chrome.

Helper IV
Helper IV

We started having issues since last week and for some reason it has to do with the json code when you try to format certain columns.
If you have formatted columns in the view ( seems to be creating an issue when you try to open or edit the item from the sharepoint list.
If you have the link to the item, it seems to be working fine.

I suggest to remove all formatting from the columns and remove date columns since they automatically come with json code.
How can we submit a ticket to Microsoft?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JillH ,


I also tried, the SP custom form work fine, so could you share more with your scenario?

Have your formatted your SP list column? Could you please share your SP list config?

The followings are some suggestion to resolve it.

1. Republish your PowerApps custom form 

2. Create a new list and customize the form , then check if this issue still remain

If issue still remain, please post back more information, I would submit this issue to Team.

Best regards,


Helper III
Helper III

For whatever reason, it just... starting working again. I have no idea why! But - I'll take it

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