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Community Champion
Community Champion

Suddenly an error - Server response: Concurrency limit exceeded

My app worked fine for weeks, suddenly this morning all users get the same error on start-up.

Opening up in studio, this is the error given.  No changes have been made to the app for weeks.

Does anyone have the same issue?




Ticket 117121917345069 opened, session ID communicated.
Is there any update?

Ticket #7000317 opened with session ID 09aaecdf-12a2-6363-1d07-1edd6c3270d4.


Please let us know of any update as this has effected several production apps.




Helper I
Helper I

We were seeing this a couple of hours ago. I no longer experience it now, but also dont believe our users are hitting the app at the moment. Please let me know if there are any updates. I'll work on reaching out to Microsoft soon too if we do not hear back.

Hi all,


There is another thread talking about this, adding here for your reference:

No Data Returned: Server Response Concurrency Limit Exceeded





Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Collect the data in a collection is not a good solution. I need to access the data directly as always. I have uploaded the DTUs in my database and it does not work either

Today it´s working correctly

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This morning the app seems working as usual, the error message doesn't show up, and the queries are done correctly.

For us, using Data Collection is not an option for those screens where we need to read info directly from SQL Database.

In some other screens, we do use Data Collection, because the purpose is different.


I will let you know in case of unexpected behabiour, if it happens again.


Best regards,



Which Data Source are you using- SQL?

Ok read more in detail - this is SQL - We were trying to make changes which we thought will increase this limit - turns out it did the reverse. we have rolled back the changes

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Thank you for the answer. We use SQL connection through a gateway.

I don't have hundred of persons using the app in our company, so we shouldn't reach such limits.. and in 1 app page, maybe we can have 10-15 Lookup fields max.

Example: TextBox to add Claim Number. There is a label hidden making a lookup to SQL table with TextBox value to check if this claim number exists in our DB. If it does, then the mandatory red * dissapear because the information is correct.


I do like PowerApps, and this is why we have bought licenses.

But if we have this kind of small limitations, it narrows quite a lot the possibilities.





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