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Helper IV
Helper IV

Sum function in gallery/collection causes errors



I am facing some issues with the sum function within in my gallery.


For the background:


I create a collection with lines which should be patched with number columns in sharepoint afterword.






        LineGJ21Q3APV: "0";

        LineGJ21Q4APV: "0")




    'Gallery Neues Arbeitspaket Tätigkeit'.AllItems;


        '3400 ILLU Arbeitspakete O3.4';

        Defaults('3400 ILLU Arbeitspakete O3.4');


            GJ21Q1APV: Value('Input GJ21Q1'.Text);

            GJ21Q2APV: Value('Input GJ21Q2'.Text);

            GJ21Q3APV: Value('Input GJ21Q3'.Text);

            GJ21Q4APV: Value('Input GJ21Q4'.Text)}))


The inputs inside my gallery (data source is my collection “Tätigkeiten”) are Text inputs.


But I want to sum them. So I put text inputs inside my gallery with default property Sum('Input GJ21Q1';'Input GJ21Q2').


But after I have run the app and review its performance it says errors: This value can not be converted into a number because value consists of empty string.



I tried a lot of things like changing from text input to number input. I changed the clear collect function to this:






        LineGJ21Q3APV: 0;

        LineGJ21Q4APV: 0)


But nothing works to avoid these errors.


Please help me with this!



Thank you very much5E00998E-C447-46E0-B4DD-23E045F84D41.jpeg

Advocate I
Advocate I


I think converting the textinputs into numbers within your sum function should work.

Does this work for you? :

Sum( Value( 'Input GJ21Q1'.Text); Value( 'Input GJ21Q2'.Text))


Also, if these labels are inside a gallery you would have to use: ThisItem. 'Input GJ21Q1'.Text

Thank you @_Nils_ 


no it does not work


Just for summary

this my function to create a collection





        LineGJ21Q3APV: "0";

        LineGJ21Q4APV: "0")

text inputs with default ThisItem.LineGJ21Q1


The summary Input is also a text Input but it does not make a difference if I change it to number.

Could you give some more information about what you are trying to accomplish and when the error occurs exactly?

As far as I understand, you are creating a collection "Tätigkeiten" which is displayed in a gallery.
In this gallery you have textinputs showing the values of each column (using ThisItem.* as default) as well as a textinput which is suppost to sum all the values from the collection for each line (using Sum(ThisItem.*; ThisItem.*)).

Is this correct? When does the error occur exactly? Could you share a screenshot and brief description?

@_Nils_ Of course thank you for your help


It says: Value can not be converted into number because value is an empty string.


Helper IV
Helper IV

@_Nils_ Band the error occurred after I have created my collection

unfortunately I cannot reproduce this error as it just works for me.


So I can only suggest the classic close and restart Powerapps or maybe try renaming the collection and see if it was just some internal thing.

Otherwise I don't really have any ideas

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