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Tab Order on Text Input


I'm currently having issues with my tab order on my pages. It used to auto-tab from left to right between all of my inputs, but currently the auto-tab is seemingly jumping around the page on random. Is this a problem, or is there a way to fix this?




New Member

In the same gallery control i have used the tab index as mentioned using the formula

Txtbox1 txtBox2...txtbox10

Tabindex of txtbox1 is 0

TabIndex of txtbox2 - txtbox10 is txtbox1+1


In the play mode, 

I have cursor in the text box1, when i click tab mode cursor is moving to the txtbox2 to txtbox10.


I want the cursor movement should be in vertical.


Kindly help me how to achieve this


Thank you, this is a real solution after so many posts and researches.

I'm able to fix 99% of my tab orders except for one

- Name

- Position


- Address

- etc...


Somehow after entering in Name field, the tab order is fixed to DOB even after I've set Position to be Name+1.

So the actual running order is now:
- Name


- Position

- DOB (again as DOB has Position+1)

- Address

- etc.... 


Still, your method solved 99% of my issues and I'm happy with that!!!!!

So strange that a simple tab order that "power"App can't even get it right......

Frequent Visitor

Those who have got it right can u help others with exact step because no matter what combination it is its just not coming out right. I have tried numbers 0,1,2,3 etc in tab index field, also i have combined prevcontrolbox.Tabindex+1 option but the tab sequence is not coming the way it is needed. By default for form control, the tab sequence is the sequence of the columns (originally created) in your database at least for SharePoint. 

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You can also try to do the following:


Go to the data list, then list setting (top right corner, cog icon)


Then down the very bottom there's a setting called "Column ordering "


You can adjust the sequence of fields from here.


After saved the list with a new order, try refreshing your powerapp.


It might help, but again, after I was able to "successfully" change the tab order on my app, it went back to chaos for some reasons after awhile.  


I think it's a bug.....

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