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Table input control



INTRO: I have an app which should collect grocery lists from different users. So, each user prior to opening my app already have an excel list with hundreds of items there. Additionally, the list content is usually before consulted with ten dwarfs and two prime ministers - meaning that it is impossible to move data collection to the very beginning of the process when the need in ordering a single item is raised. 


PROBLEM: I would like to give user a possibility to copy/paste or import table that he/she has. Since I cannot go to the process root I cannot use singe input controls and input product per product. Users has been collecting the table for several weeks now and just wants to give it to me via app.


RESEARCH DONE: I've checked the community and docs, however, magic words "excel import" are usually associated here with data import while constructing.


Thx in advance for help.

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Re: Table input control

Are the Excel docs in OneDrive? I don't think you can open local Excel files (yet), so the files have to reside in the cloud.


Where should the data end up? In an on-site SQL database?


Are the documents structured the same way, or are they completely "wild" when it comes to the content/columns? If they are, I'm thinking that the app you want to make could have a text field for the URL of the Excel file to open, and then you read the contents of file that into a gallery control. If not all of the data should be copied you can add a check box with AddColumns, and then let the user decide which rows should be entered into your system.


If you can give some more information I might give you a few more ideas.


All the best!

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Re: Table input control

Excel docs are anywhere user pleases - as I said I do not have much control over excel form and destination - prior to opening my app user may collect the data and save it in xls, doc, csv or even pdf! 😞 What I can do is to ask user to have only 2 columns - oranges on the left, prices on the right. Maybe I can even insist on saving in a particular format. Destination - problematic, since I'm not sure there is a place where all app users have (or can have) access.


Data from app must end in Sharepoint list. At least this is what I want. Ideally: 


User alpha input:


| Oranges  | 12 |

| Bazuka    | 13 |


User beta input:


| Coke        | 19 |

| Cat           | 13 |


Final list in sharepoint:


| Oranges  | 12 | alpha |

| Bazuka    | 13 | alpha |

| Coke        | 19 | beta  |

| Cat           | 13 | beta  |


So actually i just need possibility of mass adding items to a sharepoint list via my app.


Hope it clarifies the question a bit.


Thx for your help!


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Re: Table input control

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