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Teams Powerapps Navigation - Getting back to open app I am developing from Build

Our organization has not setup Powerapps Dataverse access for us to use.  We must use Powerapps within Teams.  


Within Teams, when I navigate away from the app I am developing to look at Dataverse tables or any other navigation that takes me away from my hierarchy view, I cannot get back to the app I am developing without reopening it.  This is a problem because autosave is not working because I tried GIT integration and cannot uninstall it until the patch comes out so I am loosing work when I accidently exit.  When I reopen the Canvas app, I must override the already open session.


How can I get back to the open app?  This must be simple and I must be missing something.

Advocate I
Advocate I

same here.

Git integration enabled (I love it!), Autosave Off

autosave enabled would cause "unwanted" commits - so I switched it off.

I'm very careful not to leave the app - which you might even get a warning for but not in all cases, which happened just now...

just lost once more 2 hours work 😕



  • instead of auto-save 2min, have the time configurable
  • or in case of git-integration enabled a 10min reminder not to forget to save.
  • or auto-save - which "stashes" changes until explicit save
  • or emergency-loading from local-storage?
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The app is still open but no way to get to it.  I rebuilt all apps and got rid of GitHub completely.  Autosave helps not loose changes now but why can't we get back to open apps to continue development.  I have a ticket with Microsoft.  Will post a solution is I get one.


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