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Impactful Individual

Teams Recurring Meeting using PowerApps

I have 95% of my code working in PowerApps to create a recurring Team Meeting and send the email and put it on the calendar.


The issue I am facing has to do with the recurrence on the correct day of the week and day of the week.  It keeps defaulting the the first Wednesday of the month even though I am selecting the third. 



Set(varShowSpinner, true);
    /* users calendar, don't change*/
    LookUp(Office365Outlook.CalendarGetTables().value, DisplayName = "Calendar").Name,
    /* Subject of the meeting, you can change*/ 
    //With Teams you need to declare the structure. Pretty sure you shouldn't need to change this
    {content: inpBody.Text, contentType: "html"}, 
    //Time Zone
    //Meeting Start
    {dateTime: DateTimeValue(dpStart.SelectedDate & " " & ddHour.SelectedText.Value & ":" & ddMinute.SelectedText.Value & ddAP.SelectedText.Value)},
    //Meeting End 
    {dateTime: DateAdd(DateTimeValue(dpStart.SelectedDate & " " & ddHour.SelectedText.Value & ":" & ddMinute.SelectedText.Value & ddAP.SelectedText.Value) , Value(ddDuration.Selected.Value), Minutes)}, 
    //Is this an online meeting. Pretty sure you don't want to change this
    //I wouldn't know what else to change this to so leave it alone. 
    //everthing below is optional
    //The attendees. Separate with a ;
    requiredAttendees:Concat(Filter('Safety Meeting Attendees_1', MeetingName=inpSubject.Selected.MeetingName), Attendee.Email, ";"),
    //Optional attendees. Seperate with a ; 
    optionalAttendees: Concat(cbOptional.SelectedItems, Mail, ";"),
    //optional importance flag. Values: low, normal, or high
    location: {displayName: inpLocation.Text},
    //isAllDay accepts true or false
    isAllDay: tglAllDay.Value,

    //Create recurring meeting. Value: none, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
    recurrence: { 
                        pattern: { 
                            type: "relativeMonthly", 
                            interval: 1, 
                            daysOfWeek: ddDayofWeek.Selected, 
                            index: ddIndex.Selected.Value
                        range: { 
                            type: "endDate", 
                            startDate: Text( 
                            endDate: Text( 
                            recurrenceTimeZone: "Pacific Standard Time" 
                           // numberOfOccurrences: inpRecurTimes 
                    } , 
    /*optional but I like reminders*/
    reminderMinutesBeforeStart: Value(ddRemindMin.SelectedText.Value),
    /*optional turning on the reminder*/
    isReminderOn: ckReminders.Value,
    //Status to use during the event: Value: free, tentative, busy, oof, workingElsewhere or unknown
    showAs: ddStatus.SelectedText.Value,
    /*optional getting a confirmation they accepted/rejected your meeting */
Set(varShowSpinner, false);

 I am excited because the recurrence is working at least just not in the exact way I was expecting, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Can anyone please help me with this?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Just an update from Microsoft, they do not have the ability to create a recurring teams meeting on a specific occurrence in the month.  Meaning if you want the meeting to occur once a month on the third Wednesday of each month.  You can do part of it with Office365Outlook.V4CalendarPostItem, and if you want to write a custom connector using MS Graph you can possibly do it that way.  I don't know how to do this.  I have tried using Power Automate and it is limited to just a recurring monthly meeting on a specific date like the 22nd of each month but not able to use the third Wednesday of each month.  


This is very frustrating when you are trying to automate processes because if you create the Team Meeting then only the Organizer of that meeting will have access to the attendance.  If that person leaves you lose that functionality.


If any one has any suggestions they would be appreciated.  I am stuck!

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