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Helper III
Helper III

The PowerApps app works in edit mode, but not in "Play" mode, I can't share the app

Hi, PowerApps Team,


I am using the latest PowerApps version 3.18042.20. I have a field "Item_Qty" with data type of int. I would like it to have a default  of null deliberately set. Otherwise, the value could be carried over from other records in different form. In the data card for this field, I used "" for the default instead of "ThisItem.Item_Qty".


This setup works out fine in the edit mode, but when I ran the app in the "Play" mode, I encountered two problems; (1) instead of null value in the field, it got a value of zero (0) showing up, and when I tried to enter a value (other than 0), it would not take it. It looked like this field would not take any input from the keyboard. This is a required field, and the form couldn't be submitted as a result.


In summary, the app in Edit mode works, and the app in "Play" mode does not work. This means I can create an app for myself, I can't share it with others. In the past I have had occasions that the behaviors of the app have been different between Edit and Play mode. 


Can you offer some help?



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Having these same problems


Collections and onStart not behaving well and failing with error Invalid Mashup Expression


 The expected behaviour still works fine in "Edit" mode. Still just "Play" mode it is not working.


Confirmed working. Not giving any errors, so far so good.

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works again!

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Im still having same issues 

everthing runs fine in edit mode but in production errors with collections on one app and on another without collections dropdowns not showing data.


both on version 3.18043.22


The requested operation is invalid. Server Response: Invalid Mashup Expression using supplied values. inner exception: The column 'collection' of the table wasn't found. 

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  Any updates on this?




@Anonymous, @AhsenB, regarding the issue with Collections not behaviing well when used in the OnStart property, can one of you provide a session ID of the issue reproducing with the 'Navigate()' rule added at the end of the OnStart rule? You can find the session ID by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of WebPlayer or in the Menu -> "Session details" section of the iOS or Android players.




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Session ID: 156d035a-5699-42e4-8125-e442efc332aa
PowerApps 3.18043.18

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Now  on play 

Session ID: 7f3bb173-bc49-432b-a820-9f726e57b983
PowerApps 3.18044.24


just Published and showing version 3.18043.22 on the version history


Still having collections breaking on start

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I am still having collection issues but my PowerApps ID will not update to the latest version. I re-published this morning with no joy.


Still stuck on:


Session ID: 6c05adad-6df0-4c6a-8045-98c1adcfe981
PowerApps 3.18043.18

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Still having same issues 

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