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Helper III

The PowerApps app works in edit mode, but not in "Play" mode, I can't share the app

Hi, PowerApps Team,


I am using the latest PowerApps version 3.18042.20. I have a field "Item_Qty" with data type of int. I would like it to have a default  of null deliberately set. Otherwise, the value could be carried over from other records in different form. In the data card for this field, I used "" for the default instead of "ThisItem.Item_Qty".


This setup works out fine in the edit mode, but when I ran the app in the "Play" mode, I encountered two problems; (1) instead of null value in the field, it got a value of zero (0) showing up, and when I tried to enter a value (other than 0), it would not take it. It looked like this field would not take any input from the keyboard. This is a required field, and the form couldn't be submitted as a result.


In summary, the app in Edit mode works, and the app in "Play" mode does not work. This means I can create an app for myself, I can't share it with others. In the past I have had occasions that the behaviors of the app have been different between Edit and Play mode. 


Can you offer some help?




Can you tell people on this thread how to use the version you are referencing... 


What steps do you take to run that stable version instead of the current one?



I told them the version release # (2.0.783) that has been working in my apps, they gave me an URL ( for that release only. Every time I need to make changes in my app, I only use that URL.  Once I save and publish my app, it is saved in that version only (instead of current PowerApps version). The current version of PowerApps is only used in “Play” mode in running my app.


Everyone’s working version may be different and knowing your working version from the information provided by the PowerApp’s website is not enough. The one I have probably only works for me. In my case, I only knew the version # as 2.0.783, but you can see there are more digits after that needed to run the software with that version.


The biggest challenge is to have someone in PowerApps team to give you the full version # you want. I am not sure if they routinely do this. But it is worth asking. You can go to this post “PowerApps software platform changes recently makes editing of my app impossible” to see the circumstances that I got mine.

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2 apps now haing issues...


Similar but different issue.


Both issues are only present when in "play" mode (i.e. fine when in edit/design mode).


1st issue related to editing & creating new records.


This new issue relates to on start. Collections are failing now it seems:Capture.PNG


Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi Mzhang - Sorry for the inconvenience. We're investigating the issue, and will get back to you soon with the latest status.

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Hi Shekz


Please get back to me as well as I am also running into this issue when trying to submit a form:

PowerApps Version 3.18042:An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again


If I restore back to 3.18041.20 everything works perfectly.



Frequent Visitor


Will do.

@Anonymous Could you please share the session Id, and the repro steps for "new issue relates to on start. Collections are failing now it seems:" ?

Update: Thanks everyone for submitting the issues ya'll are facing. Overall, we found three issues here, and are actively working on resolving them.

1. Issue with null values getting converted to zeroes

2. While trying to submit a form, the user gets this error “An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again”

3. Collections and onStart not behaving well and failing with error Invalid Mashup Expression (for this one, I've requested @Anonymous on this thread to kindly provide more details)



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I have logged a ticket for the collection issue. I had a skype call with one of your guys yesterday. Ticket REG:118041818025050.


Basically, I have a SQL Azure backend. In "Design" mode, everything works as expected. In "Play" mode, I get multiple error messages relating to "Invalid Mashup - column not found". However the referenced column not found is actually the collection name, not a column name.


It seems that the ClearCollect function simply does not work in my app.


I have tried multiple google suggestions such as removing sorts etc. but to no avail.


Hopefully the ticket I have logged provides more information.


Kind regards



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