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The "formula-level error management" expiremental feature to delete distinct() values



I've got a form that is populated with entry cards, dropdown lists, dates. I've got a dropdown list that is populated with a distinct() formula*.


I wanted to be able to delete previously saved values from dropdowns or dates and leave them empty. For that i enabled the "Formula-level error management" feature in the app parameters. That works great, BUT, now when i save the form, the item of the distinct() dropdown list shown and saved in the SP list gets blanked out and the record deleted from the SP list.


Are you aware of something that would allow me to empty records of a dropdown or date AND retain the record of the distinct() dropdown ?

It's a list from a collection, made of ~6000 items, very convenient since you can search in it 🙂

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @dunnno,

Do you mean that you populate a dropdown with a collection using the Distinct() function?

Could you please tell me that how you set the Update property of the dropdown data card?


The Distinct() function could not delete the records from the SP list.

If you want to save the dropdown selected to a Text field, you should ensure the Update property as below:

Best Regards,



I populate my dropdown (combobox) list from a collection using a distinct() function (>6000 items, searchable)


The update property of the datacard is :



And in the EditForm, there still is that combobox with a datacard, the DefaultSelectedItems being :



My concern here is that i'm not able to delete a date from a date datacard if i don't enable the experimental feature described above. If i do that, i can delete that date BUT it'll delete the entry recorded in my SP list (which is from the combobox dropdown list populated from the distinct () function.

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