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This app isn't opening correctly



I'm looking for assistance with a strange problem I'm having with a single android tablet.

I currently have multiple powerapps that are deployed to around 200 devices. I have 1 tablet that is coming up with "This app isn't opening correctly" and have no idea why.


I've tried uninstalling the powerapp application from the play store and also clearing the data/cache from the android settings page.

Both of these actions cause any single published app to launch successfully...but only once. When this app is closed, any subsequent apps that are launched (even if its the same app that just launched successfully or a completely different one) will report the error above; It's almost as if powerapps is caching some data which is then correupting the environement which prevents any other apps from launching. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that the data cache on the device being cleared will allow you another single launch before the error happens again.

Several user accounts have been tried on this tablet, the issue persists. The user account it was happening on has been tested on a different tablet and everything is fine. Both tablets having matching Powerapps Versions, the same version of the published apps and the same version of android patches.



Normally I would just republish the app (as it says "the owner may need to republish the app") but it is happening on ALL apps on this device which suggests an issue with the Powerapps environment instead of a paricular app.

Other than remove the Powerapp application from the playstore and put it back i am very limited in terms of what debugging i can do.


The Session ID is: deed3bd2-026a-4796-a0c8-2b9db564cf7


Any help appreciated.

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I am experiencing this identical issue.


On a Samsung Tab A (8.0) any PowerApps app opens once only.  Any subsequnet attempt to open the same app fails with the "This app isn't opening correctly".


To temporarily resolve I need to go into Android App settings and clear the data & cache for PowerApps.  It then downloads the apps again and they can be opened once only.  Again the second attempt fails with the same error above.


Session ID: 14581e00-b430-42eb-b72d-b0a5ab6ef979


Any advice would be greatly appreaciated 🙂

My initial query was also for a  Samsung Tablet (Tab Active 2). Seems to work fine on the other 200 that the app is deployed to though.

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This is exactly the same error I have, for me old deployed tablets are working fine but new ones I get this problem any news about it??

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Advocate I

This problem now seems to be spreading to other tablets within the organisation and there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it other than clear the cache on the tablet which will grant us a single launch of a single powerapp before the issue returns.

Some of my customers are heavily invested in powerapps and to hit a brickwall like this will completely kill adoption of powerapps on any future projects. The only fix we have is to wipe the tablet completely or swap it out.

@audrieg - Don't suppose you can persuade someone to take a look at this post? We're really struggling here.



This sounds really bad, have you tried removing the powerapps app from the device and using dynamics to run the app in the browser?

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Iv had this issues this morning and to reslove it, iv gone in to the app desginer and saved and published and it worked, looks there was a update released to 3.18041.20 so andriod devices on below 6.0 didnt work, 


Let me know if this works for you guys 🙂 

Thanks guys. I've seen the update but we avoid publishing the App until we've tested the changes in a seperate environment as we've been stung in the past when a breaking change was introduced. With that said, we've tested and published the app using the latest version of powerapps (3.18041.20). This has fixed the issue for some users but caused a different one for others. Now when some users are opening the app it shows as "Opening" on the boot page of the app. It never gets past this and never reports any errors. This is the case for every app opened on the tablet. The same occurs if the cache is cleared and even if powerapps is completely removed and reinstalled. It simply refuses to open any apps shared with the user.

I've tested the user's account on a seperate tablet that has identical updates installed (both android and powerapps) and one works, but the other doesn't. I could accept this if it was a one off but it is happening with a lot of users and appears to be completely outwith our control.




The issues with the PowerApp app have lead us to try removing the app and running any PowerApps in the browser of tablets in stead. It has worked fine so far, but we are just starting to use it this way.

Hey folks,


  The PowerApps team is aware of an issue some users are having opening apps on Android platforms. We're currently working on a fix for the issue, but there's a possible mitigation available that some users have found resolves the issue for them.


  You can try updating "Android System WebView" to the latest version through the play store. After doing so, users have reported that they were able to open apps that they were previously having issues with.


Hopefully the mitigation works for you as well,


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