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Helper I
Helper I

This app uses controls that may not be supported in this client

Hi all,

we've recently started seeing this message in one of our Power Apps when accessing it from a browser:



After investigating, this is happening because I added export/import controls to the app (Export control and Import control: reference - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs). The particular controls is on a screen that is only accessible when the app is run on a mobile device (the button to the screen in question is hidden when the user opens the app in the browser).


I'd like to suppress the error message, while still keeping the control in the app - is this possible?



Super User
Super User

Hi @baarsd ,

You can make a test for a mobile device - 

Location.Altitude > 0 || Acceleration.X > 0 

will return true if on a mobile device (false on a PC).


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thanks for the reply, but the trouble is it's because the control is in the app at all - I can use your suggested code to hide it via the visible property but that still means the control is part of the app (and then is why I'm getting the yellow bar)

That's my understanding anyway

@baarsd ,

Yes - I see the issue. I personally would have a copy of the app with the control removed for mobile devices - other than what I posted, I do not know of another way to detect a mobile device and as you have pointed out, it will not work in this case.

Helper II
Helper II

Were you able to find a solution to this issue?

Unfortunately not. For our use case, we end up moving the functionality we needed to a separate sharepoint list, which in the end was a better solution anyway.

Frequent Visitor

I have this warning message shown on iOS because i have the mic control added. Its working perfectly fine on android and pc. Is there a reason why mic control is not supported on ios? I mean when the app is embedded in model driven

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am still getting this error in 2022, the app has a QR code scanner on a screen that is not accesable when using a web browser but the user still gets this horrible message as soon as they launch the app. Is there a setting or URL switch or something we can enable to just turn off these warnings?







I have the same issue. I would like to have one app that can run on either a phone or pc, and just show what's appropriate based on the type of user. Separating this into two apps is silly and would then require an additional license, not to mention having to maintain two sets of code. Really could use a setting to turn off this warning in 'Play' mode.


New Member

Same alert here as well. The app (form) has a camera that works on my laptop, but on iPhone the camera screen says "your camera isn't setup properly, is currently in use, or is improperly configured by the app maker"...  iPhone privacy settings are set to allow Powerapps to access the camera. Also added drop-down to select the device, but dropdown is empty on phone (on laptop it allows me to select webcam). Anyone have any suggestions?


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