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ThisItem.SimpleTextfield = The formula uses scope which not presently supported for evaluation Data type: text


 I have seen a number of related posts on this subject incl ThisItem.Status = This formula uses scope, which is not presently supported for evaluation. Data typ... . However, in my case I simply want to display a simple Varchar(128) field so not a complex at all.



Checkpoint is not being displayed.png


Interestingly when I first insert the gallery and connect to my SQL Datasource the Checkpoint title is displayed.  I resize and add my pretty status indicator then, the Checkpoint field value goes awol 🙄- it has done this twice now.   I can replace ThisItem.Checkpoint with a variety of swear words and they all appear!

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What have you set in the Items field of the Gallery?



Thanks for replying


Yes, for this initial prototype, it is the simply the database table. Now it is finding the record as I see the active status transitions when it displays the screen in the Power Apps editor.


Quick update:  this morning a couple of us have been changing the db schema to see what the impact is .  Looks like Checkpoint is a reserved word in SQL i.e. [Checkpoint]. When we created a similarly named field with the same size there are no probs displaying the data.

We also tried ThisItem.Table , which was defined with and without the '[]' and there were no issues.  

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