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Time Zone issue from Powerapp to SharePoint List



We are using Power apps to submit data to SharePoint List with Start date and End Date.


Both Date fields in power app configured as DatePicker Field Type with Time Zone set to Local.


But we are facing issue when User has different time zone other than SharePoint Time Zone.



Power App Screen: 3

User's Time Zone: UTC - 2 

SharePoint Time Zone:  UTC - 8




Please help me in resolving this issue.



Rajkumar V



Community Support
Community Support

Would it be possible to set the TimeZone to UTC?


Besides, if the timezone is different, we could take use of TimeZoneOffset to convert the date:



The TimeZoneOffset function returns the number of minutes between the user's local time and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

You can use DateAdd with the TimeZoneOffset to convert between the user's local time and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Adding TimeZoneOffset will convert a local time to UTC, and subtracting it (adding the negative) will convert from UTC to local time.


Function reference:

DateAdd, DateDiff, and TimeZoneOffset functions in PowerApps




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I have changed TimeZone to UTC in Date Field, but the user has the same issue.


For eg: User selected 27-Aug-18 in PowerApps but in SharePoint List it stored as 26-Aug-18. I wanted to store the date selected by user only. Also it should work for users from different time zone too.



User Time Zone is UTC+1

SharePoint Time Zone is UTC-8



Rajkumar V

This topic is 100% accurate to what I'm struggling right now. Did you get any solution?


Did you apply the solution that was suggested to use the TimeZoneOffset function?

    DateAdd( Now(), TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes)

Or as your case might be 

    DateAdd(columnValue, TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes)

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I'm struggling with Leave Request app, there's a card Company Holiday, but the issue is date is wrong (one day before)

For example I have New Year set to 01/01/2019 but in the app it shows 31 December

Text(DateAdd(ThisItem.StartDate; TimeZoneOffset(ThisItem.StartDate); Minutes);"[$-en-US]dddd, mmmm dd")

I changed code to 

Text(DateAdd(ThisItem.StartDate; TimeZoneOffset(ThisItem.StartDate); Minutes);"[$-pl-PL]dddd, dd mmmm")
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Hi Rajkumar,


I've been playing with this issue myself, which has been driving me slightly crazy - with global users using a single PowerApps form writing back to a SharePoint list.


Using a single line of text field with rather than date works - 

Text(DATEFIELD, "[$-en-GB]dd/mm/yyyy") 

But I've been trying to keep this as date field. From my testing the site regional settings have no impact at all, but updating the Update function on the date field with a TimezoneOffset does, though this is still BST rather than UCT for me.


DateAdd(DateValue1.SelectedDate + Time(Value(HourValue1.Selected.Value), Value(MinuteValue1.Selected.Value), 0),TimeZoneOffset(),Minutes)

DateAdd(DateValue1.SelectedDate + Time(Value(HourValue1.Selected.Value), Value(MinuteValue1.Selected.Value), 0),TimeZoneOffset(),Minutes)


Still trying to get to the bottom of where SharePoint picks up it's time to save this to the list as, if not the regional setting, as this is my last issue (SP adjusts for 1 hour less than I need at the moment), meaning this correction is still 1 hour off what the users originally input).

Hi Randy,

I have the same problem. I have made an Event Manager App in Powerapps and I am trying to submit some events with  'start' and 'end' dates from this into a Sharepoint Calendar. Everything works fine in my app regarding the dates(even I can retrieve a list of the recorded events in a Gallery which Items are linked to the same sharepoint Calendar, but exactly with the dates I have picked before and not the wrong dates recorded in sharepoint calendar!),but only in Sharepoint Calendar  the recorded Events are starting  and ending 'one day' before. i am not sure where to apply your suggested formula in my app as everything is the way it should be in the app but just sharepoint shows the wrong dates! thank for any hint. 

Having the same issue... Looks like it might be a Daylight Saving time issue. I have a date and time field pulled in from a DB that is used to populate a list in SharePoint. When the data is saved and pulled back in the power app, it is off by 1 hour making the data show as the prior day.

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