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Timer stops counting down when browser tab focus changes

I have a timer on my PowerApp.  If I have 2 or 3 other tabs open, if the timer is running and I change tabs, the timer stops. It won't continue so I can do other things in other tabs while it's running.

However, if I have the PowerApp in its' own browser window, it will run just fine if I'm working in another browser session.


How can I make the timer always continue to run regardless of if I'm working in another tab?


I tried to include a video of the problem but I cannot upload mp4 files.


Hi  @v-siky-msft,

The timer doesn't start when I click it. 

Is there any other setup needed to make the below work? I tried replicating the GIF in a new/blank canvas but it doesn't start when I click on it. 😞

1. Set Duration: 1000

2. Set OnSelect: 


Set(StartTime, Now());
Set(Now, Now())


3. Set OnTimerStart: 


Set(Now, Now())


4. Set Text: 


 Text(Time(0, 0, DateDiff(StartTime,Now,Seconds)), "[$-en-US]hh:mm:ss")


Helper I
Helper I

A quick workaround helped me solving the issue:

OnTimerStart: Set(Now, Now())

AutoStart: true
OnSelect: Set(oldTime, Value(Last(FirstN(Split(Timer1.Text,":"),1)).Result) * 60 * 60 + Value(Last(FirstN(Split(Timer1.Text,":"),2)).Result *60) + Value(Last(FirstN(Split(Timer1.Text,":"),3)).Result));

Text: Text(Time(0, 0, (Self.Value * 0 /1000) + DateDiff(Now,Now(),Seconds) + oldTime), "[$-en-US]hh:mm:ss")

To reset timer:
Reset(Timer1); Set(oldTime,0); Set(Now,Now());

Note: Without Self.Value in the expression, timer is not working

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