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Advocate II
Advocate II

Toggle Visibility BUG In Improved App Rendering (final validation) Mode

I have an app that has been working correctly, however recently toggle visibility has stopped working (not sure which update caused this; I will try to do some more research to narrow that down.)  I do know that the issue exists in 3.18091.15 (possibly earlier versions as well).


The app has a field / toggle that when true shows other fields / toggles.  Such that if "Other Permits" is true / yes, then a list of other toggles for the various permits is shown.  By default Other Permits is false / no and the other fields are hidden (as shown below).


Upon toggling the field to yes the other fields are shown (as shown below).



Upon toggling the field to no, and then yes again the other fields are shown, but their toggles are not (mostly, one toggle does appear) (as shown below).


Setting Improved App Rendering off resolves the issue.  Setting it back on again reintroduces the issue.


For reference, the visible field on one of these toggles simply references the Other Permits toggle's value.


This issue is witnessed on an iOS device.  It does not occur in a web browser.


Any help would be greatly appricated.




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@tahoon, just seen a message today in PowerApps that says "Improved app rendering is now even better and will soon replace classic rendering. Please try it again and let us know what you think."
This is refering to the Advanced Setting "Improved app rendering (final validation)" which had to be truned off in order for the "Tab" effect discussed in this post, to render correctly on an iPhone. Turning this setting off enabled the app to render on an iphone correctly.
I now see that turning it off or leaving it on, does not render correctly on an iPhone any longer and setting the DataCard height manually does not work either. Hiding or making fields visible using a button to create a "Tab" like effect is now completly broken on the iPhone.
I see that the DataCard height is now correctly set when you create a new App but this correction is still not helping with the rendering on an iPhone. I've just created an new App to test from scratch to make sure.
Rendering on a web browser is 100% fine and works as expected.

Can you pass this message on the the development team somehow?

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@keathley @eddyg @Anonymous The auto-height fix for forms has completed deployment with version 3.18124.  


@Anonymous Perhaps this is just coincidence? 😉 In any event, I'm glad your app is now working correctly.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Joey,

Can you share more about where these controls are placed? Are they in a flexible height gallery or a fluid grid?

Microsoft Employee

 I have write that code.. but its not work.






Error: Delegation warning the filter part of this formula might not work correctly on large data sets. the data source might not be able to process the formula and might return an incomplete data set. your application might not return correct results

Community Champion
Community Champion

@sachin1, I think you've posted that on the wrong thread.

Microsoft Employee

Hello Sir,


I dont know where to post.... but can u help me to solve this problem

@mr-dang They are on a vertical layout edit form.



Not applicable

hi @sachin1 please create a new post so we can review and address your question. 



Advocate II
Advocate II

I have retested this again this morning, and it continues to be an issue.  With Improved App Rendering being in Final Validation I am concerned that there will be no way to work around this bug (currently the only work around I have is to turn off improved app rendering).  Is anyone else experiencing missing toggle buttons?




Community Champion
Community Champion

Clarification: I can't tell from your screenshots how you have set up this form and the controls inside.


  • I notice the fields are staggered to the right a little bit. Can you share how you set that up?
  • What expression do you have for the visibility of the toggle itself?
  • What's the X, Y, Height, Width of the toggle?


We were not able to reproduce this on iOS so far. Let us know what other ways you have customized the form as that will be helpful.


Tracking ID: 3070219

Microsoft Employee

@mr-dang Thank you so much for reviewing this with me, here's some more info around your questions:


  • I notice the fields are staggered to the right a little bit. Can you share how you set that up?

Here is another screenshot to give you a better view.  Each toggle field is on its own data card.  I have simply moved the position of the toggle a bit to the right on its data card.  


(Side note, I realize I have screenshot the 1 field that actually did show back up in my original post's image where I show the toggles are missing. There is no difference in these fields, each has the same visible function.  I did notice that some of the toggle's X and Y cordinates have a formula that reference's their own label (offset by 5).  However I tested removing this just now by setting it to a fixed X and Y and it seems to have made no difference).


  • What expression do you have for the visibility of the toggle itself?

The toggle's visible property is:


The data card for the toggle (here named ElectricalPermitDataCard) currently has the following visible property:



Where OtherPermitRequiredSwitch is the toggle above:


I will add that I do have 8 data cards with this same formula (is there a limit on how many data cards visible function can be linked to a given value?).


DEBUG_HIDDEN is a shape that I have used to quickly show and hide all "hidden" fields.  Such that if you set it's visible property to true you will be able to see all hidden fields on the form at once (this is for ease of editing the form).  My immediate reaction was that it was possibly something wrong here, but I have tested by completely removing it and it had no effect (issue still occurred).  In fact my original post's screenshots where from when DEBUG_HIDDEN was removed.


  • What's the X, Y, Height, Width of the toggle?

See screenshot above: 100, 112, 154, 49 respectively.


I will be doing some additional testing and will let you know if I find anything else of value.  Please feel free to ask for any additional information that you think will help.




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