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Toggle button patch sharepoint form problem

Hi everyone,


I'm experiencing something I would call a "bug".

In my app I have added a toggle button to turn Yes or No a toggle input in a Sharepoint list.

I have setup the OnCheck and OnUncheck settings to patch the sharepoint list.

The OnCheck action works, so if in the sharepoint list the toggle is set to No, if I click on the toggle button to True on Powerapp it updates the toggle of the sharepoint list to Yes.

But in reverse it doesnt work, when I click again the toggle button to turn it to False, the toggle switches back to True and the change is not sent to the sharepoint list...

I dont know why because it the same actions, in one way it works but not reverse....


Here are my settings (its from a gallery displaying the sharepoint list objects) :


Patch('db-users'; LookUp('db-users'; ID = ThisItem.ID); {'Delegierten aktivieren':true})



Patch('db-users'; LookUp('db-users'; ID = ThisItem.ID); {'Delegierten aktivieren':false})


There is no error so I dont know why switch False doesnt update the toggle in the sharepoint list...


Any Idea ?


Thank you 🙂

Microsoft v-siky-msft

Re: Toggle button patch sharepoint form problem



Some questions:

What is the column type of 'Delegierten aktivieren'?

What is the default property of toggle?


My suggestion:

Set Default property of toggle as below:


If(LookUp('db-users'; ID = ThisItem.ID).'Delegierten aktivieren' = true, true, LookUp('db-users'; ID = ThisItem.ID).'Delegierten aktivieren' = false, false)


If this doesn't work, please share more details with my question.



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Re: Toggle button patch sharepoint form problem

Thanks for the reply.


My sharepoint column for the toggle is a Yes/No choice (so True/False).


I tryed your suggestion, it worked but the toggle then changed for all lines in the app but not the sharepoint list...


If you check the screenshot :

- If I set to true the first toggle for Migration Hans, it works, the sharepoint list column choice switches to Yes. But in the app the second toggle for Anna Migration turns also to true. But in the sharepoint list the only item that turns to Yes is the first...

Maybe something about the gallery compenent in powerapps...


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Re: Toggle button patch sharepoint form problem

Ok very strange... its  a real bug, because sometimes it works and sometimes not.

I just set the default property of the toggle to : ThisItem.'Delegierten aktivieren', and about 1/3 it works, the toggle switches the sharepoint list column to yes or no. But most of the time it changes all lines, or nothing, or just yes, just no.


If I go back to the app editor I have this error : on the OnUncheck property : Existing conflicts with the modifications pulled to the server. Reload. Responde of the server : ETAG mismatch.


I think the improvment should go to the Check and Uncheck properties... Powerapps is not very powerfull to send and receive correctly instructions to and from Sharepoint list...

Microsoft v-siky-msft

Re: Toggle button patch sharepoint form problem



I also found something strange with the toggle in gallery after I set these three property.

If I turn on one of the toggles, it also affects other toggles in the gallery and causes the ETAG error.

I will make a further test, and post back if there is any update.



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Re: Toggle button patch sharepoint form problem



I think it's a real bug because I've experienced today the same problem and when I've changed the toggle into a checkbox and configured its properties the exact same way as the toggle, everything worked fine and the correct items were modified in SharePoint. 

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