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Toggles reset themselves on iOS

I have a SharePoint list inspection app with 3 screens of toggles.  The first screen also has a text box, and the last screen has a submit button (uses Patch) and an icon to add optional pictures to a collection prior to submitting.  Inspections are always New, never Edit.


I can set toggles on the inspection screens and move backward/forward though them fine.  Upon navigating to the camera screen you can briefly see toggles reset to off before the camera screen displays.  Backing up you can see the toggles on all three screens have reset, but the text box still contains what you typed.


You can then set the toggles again and enter/exit the camera screen without it happening again, and even go through another inspection.


If you kill the iOS app and open it again the problem once again is present.


Nothing apparent to cause this, and it does not happen in the PowerApps designer.

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Super User



What formula do you use to reset the controls? I have seen that the combox resets on both from true=>false and form false=>true.


I wonder if it is maybe the same symptoms for the toggle?

Prior to navigating to the first inspection screen the button does ResetForm and NewForm on all three inspection screens.


Reset is "false" on the toggle controls, OnReset is "false" on the forms.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sdlsaginaw,


Could you please share a screenshot about your issue?

Could you please show a bit more about the formula within the Default property of the Toggle control within your app?

Further, could you please share more details about the Navigation() function within your PowerApps app?


Please check if you have set the Default property of the Toggle control to a Global Variable (default value is true) within your PowerApps app, then when you navigate to the Camera screen, set the variable to false using the Set() function.


If you could provide more details about your scenario, we would provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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I can verify this is also happening on the web and Android, but not when I hit F5 in the designer app.


Can you tell me what you are looking for in a screenshot?  The problem doesn't lend itself to a screenshot.  Tap on toggles to set them, open camera screen, Back() from camera screen, toggles no longer set.  You can see the toggles unset just prior to display of camera screen but that doesn't lend itself to a screenshot either.


The toggles are part of datacards in new form screens.  Toggle Default is Parent.Default, and datacard Default is ThisItem.(fieldname).  All the forms are ResetForm() and NewForm()'d prior to starting through them.  Note that this Default setup is the same for the lone textbox in the first form screen and it's unaffected by this problem. (i.e., text box doesn't reset, only the toggles do).


Navigation is pretty basic.  Main screen selects the entity you're about to inspect, Inspect button does ResetForm and NewForm on the three inspection forms then Navigate(InspectionScreen1, None).  The inspection screens have a Back() icon and a Next button that does a Navigate to the next, except for the last inspection screen.  It has a Submit button that does Patch() to a SharePoint list when you're ready, as well as a camera icon that does a Navigate(AddImagesScreen, none) to collect optional pictures before submitting.  AddImagesScreen also has a Back() icon which gets you back to the final inspection screen where the Submit button is.


Again, you can start an inspection, enter a value into the lone text box, and set whatever toggles are on the screens.  You can navigate forward and back in the inspection screens and the text box and toggles are as expected.  Upon tapping the camera icon, you briefly see any toggles on that last inspection screen change to off.  Going Back() from the camera screen to inspection screens 3, 2, and 1 shows ALL toggles are now off but the text box still has your value in it.


The camera screen uses the Media->Camera control.


This app is layed out pretty much like another inspection app I did, however that one uses dropdowns and does not have this problem.


Let me know if there is anything else I can provide.

This is so frustrating.


I got back to looking at this project and decided to see how a checkbox would behave.  So, I unlocked ONE datacard, deleted the toggle, and replaced it with a checkbox. 


Republished and tested.  NOW I'm getting what others are reporting.


All the existing toggles and the new checkbox are resetting, however it's no longer just when navigating to the camera screen.  It's now happening when navigating to *any* screen.


I could do some workarounds (not pretty with 27 toggles in the app), but workaounds should not be necessary.  Isn't there somewhere to officially report PowerApps bugs besides a user community board?

what workaround did you use? I'm experiencing this on IOS and when I switch screen sometimes it resets sometimes it doesn't. I need PowerApps to remember what the user selected. 

Hi, I'm experiencing this issue and I'm running out of solution. The Default property of the Toggle control is set to 'Parent.Default'. My data source is a SharePoint. The issue is sometimes it works, sometimes it resets when user navigates to a screen. 

App settings -> Advanced settings -> Improved app rendering (final validation) to OFF. 

Tnx, I checked my setting and it's already off. It seems MS doesn't have a solution for this yet, it doesn't happen on web based app.

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