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Helper II
Helper II

Total Connectoins on an App and some general questions

I've been tasked with moving several physical process to "an app", so i'm going to attempt to use powerapps.  I've done this once before, and learned a lot since then, so i'm hoping it goes smoother this time, however there are some issues that make this harder than I'd hope-


1. Our data is stored/written to a Azure MS SQL database. This is a premium connector, which makes EVERYTHING vastly more complicated due to powerapps baffling decision to not have any bulk pricing option (that i can find, it did take me 6 months of back and forth with MS to even get them to understand what was going on and not just read the documentation back to me).  I've looked into using sharepoint as a "middleground", and then sync to the database using power automate, but I've never found a fast way to mimic table structure to a sharepoint list.  It would take way too long to recreate all the tables i need in sharepoint with the methods i'm currently aware of.


2. So assuming i can't get around the premium connector, i'm now looking at being charged $10 per user per app.  So if I have two positions in the company (1 and 2), and position 1 needs to do task A and B, and position 2 needs to do task C and D, i can't just make an app for A/B/C/D, as that's $20 per user per month.  I instead need to make a position 1 app, which handles Task A and B, and position 2 app, which handles Task C and D.  This isn't too bad as the line is "clean" for these tasks buuuut....


3. The MS documentation recommends not doing more than 30 connections.  Now from my pov, there's 1 connection.  I need to connect 1 database, and all the data will be there, however, you need 1 connection per table due to how powerapps is designed. If I start getting close to the 30 connection thing, even though it's "one connection" am I going to see issues?  Further i noticed that in memory collections also wind up in that list.  From my reading that shouldn't count towards the total because it's claiming the issues is that it logs in to each connection, and it shouldn't need to do that for those, but i'd like some sort of confirmation?


4. I'm open to other solutions or things i haven't thought of.  I've considered doing this in F#/C#, but I have some other issues there which I don't think i can get around, but if there's some other tech I should be looking into I'm all ears.


That's true, was just bashing out an example.  Given that these are processes done by 100s if not 1000s of employees though, in our case that's still way too expensive.

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