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hpkeong Community Champion
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Total Data > 500



On the very first day, Brian Dang (USA) had tested and we shared about this and found that "delegation" explanation really confusing.


My test on actual scenario:

1. Data PRE-LOADED from Excel Must be LIMITED to 500 ONLY. Anything more than that will not be loaded!

2. If you started to Add more and more data from INSIDE the APPS itself, though process is SLOW, but the RESULT is Positive. I have added 10 data, and make a CountRows(TableX), it will keep increasing to 510.

3. When I use the Cloud apps, it will Refresh(TableX) automatically on open and all data 510 are LOADED. Moreover, I maintaned the same Sort  and Filter functions and ALL Works (Anyway, be caution on this because i have only 510).


My initial conclusion:

- If you have an existing data of 1000, you can only LOAD 500, and another 500 you got to enter yourself one by one.



For newly created apps for the first time, yes, it definitely works.


Whatabout, e.g., I write an Apps for my school, with few thousands of data for books (LIbrary), what do you suggests?

Load first 500, and the rest entered by student one-by-one. Is that PRODUCTIVE or you had alternative?


As tested by Taufik of Indonesia, he used other system to load data, and yes, 500, but that is 500 / minute, and continues.


Please consider alternative way.


Power Apps
Power Apps

Re: Total Data > 500

Thanks for doing the research!


Yes, there is no set limit on the number of rows a PowerApp can support (beyond device memory).  The 500 row limit is for doing queries of a data service, such as SQL, SharePoint, or any of our tabular data connections.  Adding to the data in memory, or creating collections, is only limited by available memory.


I just posted some additional information on the 500 row limit on this thread


The bottom line is that we know that this limit is problematic and we are actively working to enhance what we can delegate so that you don't normally need to think about this.  We just aren't quite there yet with this release.  As we make improvements, we will be sure to post information here and in the release notes.


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