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Track downloads of Entity Lists from the portal

I want to track when and by which portal user (CRM contact) the entity list of active contacts was downloaded. I.e. I'd like to track when a portal user pushes the download button shown below and then downloads the file.


A colleague of mine shared a possibility of triggering a creating a custom download button, once clicked it triggers a flow with as input the contactID, and then starts the standard download. 

However, I have very little experience with the Portal, liquid and Javascript, so a detailed explanation would be very welcome, as well as other more suiting solutions. 

I've found multiple articles on how to trigger Flow using custom buttons, but is it also possible to do this on the standard download button?

I see @Audreyma was struggling with a similar/same issue:

@OliverRodrigues maybe you know a proper way of doing so, since the problem seems really close to your blogpost, but I can't pinpoint it exactly:

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Hi @OliverRodrigues,
Eventually, I'll definitly mark it as a solution and would love to give you the credits. Though for now, I'm still working on the right code for 'call your web api here'. Won't surprise me if I find more hickups that will be useful for other users to know about, and I'd like to eventually also share the total solution/code. 

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1 - you would need a table to store the download track.. your scenario seems a bit different than Tim.. so you need to think if it makes more sense to track on a separate table, or the table itself that the user is downloading the file

2 - you are probably adding the download link via JS, so I would add the logic to call the API there

3 - the concept is similar, but the code a bit different

4 - yes that's correct 


please let me know if you need more info 

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Oliver Rodrigues


Hi @OliverRodrigues 


Thank you for your quick reply!


I checked the manual for web api and it seems that "Web file" table can't be retrieved through web api.

This method might not work for my issue.  Thank you all the same.


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Just feel like sharing my final outcome, what seemed to work right now including potential hickups as commented in the code below (i.e. triggering the on click event twice on one click). 

I tried calling a workflow which will create a new portaldownload record, registering the logged-in contact in CRM, type of download (since I use it on multiple portal pages) and 'created on', based on this blogpost:

The code below is what worked eventually:

$(document).ready(function () {
    var list = $(".entitylist.entity-grid").eq(0);
    list.on("loaded", function () {

        var downloadButton = $('a.entitylist-download');
        downloadButton.on("click", CreatePortalDownload); 
// to prevent triggering the on click event twice, use function(CreatePortalDownload){CreatePortalDownload.preventDefault();} instead of CreatePortalDownload

function CreatePortalDownload(){
    // User ID 
    var user = "{{ }}"; //GUID of CRM contact
    var userFullName = "{{user.fullname}}";
    console.log("test tracking logged-in user: " + userFullName);
    var typeOfDownload = 183650000; // optionset value for type of download, different per page in my case

    //build JSON string
    var currentdate = new Date();
    console.log("Downloaded on: "+ currentdate.toLocaleString());
    console.log("By user: " + userFullName + " and type (optionsetvalue): " + typeOfDownload);
    var portaldownloadCreate = {
      new_portaldownload: [
        { new_name: currentdate.toLocaleString() + " - " + 
        userFullName + " - Deelnemers" , 
         new_downloadedby: user,
         new_typeofdownload : typeOfDownload

      //build http request string using URL from Power Automate flow
      var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
      var url = "";
      //pass your url as created in the Flow

      //send http request to Power Automate"POST", url,true);
      req.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');
      alert("portal download created");


@OliverRodrigues I seemed really close, but didn't got to work it properly with calling the portal WEB Api, although the turtorial did work. So the above option seemed easier. Thanks a lot for all your help. 

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