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Helper I

Trying to Sort a Gallery by a calculated field in the Gallery

I have a Gallery which connects to a Sharepoint list and in that Gallery I have 5 sub Galleries connecting to other Sharepoint lists so I can calculate water usage and over-usage. All the calculations work fine and display perfectly in my app however I want to sort the Gallery by the "Overuse" value which is in a control called Label24_1. This control sits directly in the main Gallery but it is a calculated field using 2 other Labels from sub Galleries.  I want to sort it Descending so I can see the Overuse straight away (values greater than zero). I tried putting a button on the page which I was trying to get to Filter and Sort the Gallery after it had populated but this didn't work for me.


I do have a Search field and this is what I currently use to Filter and Sort the Gallery: SortByColumns(If(!IsBlank(TextInput2),Search(Auths,TextInput2.Text,"Title", "wma", "zone", "clientref"),Auths),"clientref")

So, I'm currently sorting by clientref which is a column in the Auths Sharepoint list but would like to Sort by that Label24_1 value


I have tried a number of things but I got the circular reference error and I'm just not sure how to get over this - any help greatly appreciated

Super User
Super User

It's honestly just guessing without seeing how exactly your data is set up on all the lists, but I have a feeling you are going to have to switch to some form of an AddColumns() to be able to sort by a calculated field

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Hi @bobgodin ,

Firstly @TheRobRush is on the right track - the easiest way is to put the formula from your calculated column in the AddColumns as below



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Helper I
Helper I

@WarrenBelz thank you so much - I tried the following code on the Items property of my main Gallery:
SortByColumns( Search( AddColumns( Auths, "OverUse", Label20.Text-Label24.Text ), TextInput2.Text, "Title", "wma", "zone" ), "OverUse" ) but I am getting an error relating to a circular reference


could it be because the values from Label20 and Label24 are also calculations coming from sub galleries?

Helper I
Helper I

also I had to change the period after Auths,"OverUse" to a comma as it wouldn't accept the period

@bobgodin ,

Yes - you need to go back further and put in the formula from those two labels - essentially refer to a list or collection in all the elements of the formula.

Helper I
Helper I

@WarrenBelz thank you for that advice - first let me explain what I am trying to achieve
I have 3 tables (lists) involved in the calculations: Auths, AEs and MeterReadings.

Looking at my screenshot this is how I calculate - I have 5 galleries within my main gallery

The calculations are as follows:
Entitlement:    Auths.VolumeML * AEs.thisyear + Auths.Sanddvalue

Use:   MAX(MeterReadings.reading) - MIN(MeterReadings.reading)

OverUse:  Use - Entitlement (MAX(MeterReadings.reading) - MIN(MeterReadings.reading) - Auths.VolumeML * AEs thisyear + Auths.Sanddvalue)


I tried that code in the Items property of my main Gallery and was able to get this working:
SortByColumns( Search( AddColumns( Auths, "OverUse", (volumeML + sanddvalue)), TextInput2.Text, "Title", "wma", "zone" ), "OverUse",Descending )


As soon as I add the AEs field to the expression it fails with invalid arguement type: 


where am I going wrong plse?

Super User
Super User

@bobgodin ,

My initial thought is that AEs_1.thisyear would be a Table (you need to specify which record from this List you are using in the calculation).

Helper I
Helper I

@WarrenBelz When I "connect" the sub Gallery for the AEs I have this code on the Items property:
Filter(AEs_1,wma=ThisItem.wma) - is this what I should be using in my SortByColumns? if so how do I do it?


Helper I
Helper I

@WarrenBelz I have found a solution albeit a bit of a dirty alternative I think.

I created a button on my main page and put this code on the OnSelect property: ClearCollect(colOveruse,Filter(Gallery6.AllItems,Label20.Text-Label24.Text>0 ))


I then created a new Gallery using the Collection as my Items and put it on my main page on top of the existing one. I lined the fields up so they match almost perfectly and then I then show and hide the Galleries when the user types a value into my searchbox ensuring I don't collect all the records from my Sharepoint list - just chunks of data. It works pretty well although it is probably an unauthordox way of doing things 🙂  thanks for your help again  guys

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