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Turn contents of a Collection from a Form into HTML Issue



I'm trying to create an HTML output that references my collection. It was working and bringing in my collection, but now it's no longer working. I am not getting an error message, so I'm not sure if something is wrong with my code. Below is an image of the portion where I reference the collection and the "LineItemX" is the name of the input. 




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Hi @orohlste 

I think it might be useful if you were to include your full formula. I assume that the formula you posted refers to the formula that's inside a ForAll loop, and that "LineItemX" are columns in your collection.

I've highlighted the obvious error. You should remove this extraneous tag in your code.




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After looking at a similar post it sounded as if I wouldn't need to use a forall in power apps and that'd I'd be able to just run the concat. Let me know what you think of the whole statement and where I can add the ForAll


table, th, td {
border: 1px solid black;

<h2> Material Return Form</h2>

<p>See below the items for return.</p>

<table style= width:100%>
<th>Project PN</th>
<td> "& ProjectPNField_2 &" </td>
<th>Project WO</th>
<td>" & ProjectWOField_2 &" </td>
<th>Name of Project</th>
<td>" & ProjectNameField_2 &" </td>
<th>Name of Returner</th>
<td>" & ReturnerField_2 &" </td>
<td>" & ManagerField_2 &" </td>

<th>Return Date</th>
<td>" & DateField_2 &" </td>



<Table style=width:100%>
<th>Part Number</th>
<th>Part Description</th>
<th>Qty Returned</th>
<th>Serial Number</th>
<th>Line Item</th>
<th>Reason for RTN</th>
<th>Master ID</th>
" & Concat(MaterialCollection,
"<tr><td> "& LineItem1 &"</td>
<td> "& LineItem2 &"</td>
<td> "& LineItem3 &"</td>
<td> "& LineItem4 &" </td>
<td> "& LineItem5 &" </td>
<td> "& LineItem6 &"</td>
<td> "& LineItem7 &" </td>
<td> "& varRecord.ID &" </td>



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