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URGENT - Images suddenly stopped showing in PowerApps browse galleries

The process i use right now worked for over a month and one day just proceeded to stop functioning.


  • I have sharepoint lists, these lists contain image columns, I pull the images directly from MS Teams folders by using the link share feature within teams. (See the 'teams link' attachment)


  • As you can see, the image links work fine and display correctly within the sharepoint list.('Sharepoint' attachment)


  • finally, as you can see i have used the sharepoint list datasource and customised the look of the browsegallery. The images (country flags) should be showing above each update. in the image property box i use the 'Thisitem.image' function to get the images and has been working for the last month.


if anyone can suggest why it suddenly has stopped working it would be a HUGE help!


The date my team found this issue ironically was when powerapps released an update on the Model driven app framework see link (11th december 2018)




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GOOD NEWS! I have checked the app and as of 06/01/2019 The images are loading up correctly. Thank you PowerApps for resolving the issue.

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I have exactly the same problem. Is something related with the update because ALL my Apps stop working.



I have the same issue today, the images have been showing for the last two months.

Have you had any feedback ?



I am having the same issue! We just rolled this out to the company the other day and now all of a sudden it doesn't work.

Please note that I was able to reproduce this issue. Looks like the problem is with image links that are "behind" a service that require additional authorization (MS Teams for example). Unrestricted image links seem to be accessible. 

@cherie, can you please check this?


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Thank you for responding, I can confirm though that all members of my Powerapp have full access rights to the Sharepoint and the MS Teams site that holds all my images. Still waiting for a fix. 


This process did work for weeks. I suspect it was an update that caused the issue.

I am also getting the same problem with images stored in SharePoint being access via a Hyperlink / Picture column from a list.  This was all working fine, but now will not work on any apps.  Can you please fix asap?

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All of my users have access to the SharePoint folder where the pictures live and they have access to the SharePoint list (where I use the URL for picture). The pictures are still visible in my SharePoint list.


I see a lot of people are experiencing the same issues. Do you know what is going on?

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There are a few other posts [1] [2] describing the same problem. Paul Culmsee's post from September 2017 describes how this image dispaly feature used to work. F12 debuggin shows what's going on:


Each image POSTs to https://[location] with header (sanitised): 

x-ms-request-url: /apim/sharepointonline/xxxxx/datasets/


But that is returning a 404.


I don't think any of this has changed since Paul's post last year. Maybe something broke recently in the GetFileContentByPath method?

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Upon inspecting i have found each image returning a 404 error code along with the following:


https://[location] as a POST 


Is this something I have caused or is it the Powerapps platform? 


Ideally like a solution to this as i havnt been successfull as of yet.

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