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URL error when sharing model-driven app

I will try to write it with my poor English


Hello everyone.
I've built a model-driven app, when sharing it with users, it shows them error messages and they can't see the app.





The error indicates:

The app URL was not found or you need permissions to open it. Please check the URL and try again or contact your system administrator.


Another exercise I did was to delete the cookies, and then they can enter they cannot see all the tables, it shows only one (the one that is by default at startup) and the menu to change the table has disappeared.


I have reviewed the user roles, I have checked that the users belong to the environment and that the roles are in the application and in the users.


It seems that you have no app passes for your users. You'll need them, if your users don't have a Dynamics license.

It's weird, all users are Dynamics 365 users

Ok, my last shot would be to check if you´ve properly assigned the security roles you´re using to the app.


When sharing the app, click on the app itself and check that the used security roles have been assigned to the app.




The behaviour you initially mention, seems to point to a security role issue. You might want to try with an user to access your app with a higher privilege role (If you can test together with the user, you can temporarily assign him the system customizer role for example). If he can access the app then, it´s evident that it´s a security issue. 


Hi cristoalarc,


I trust you´re fine. I just wanted to check in to see if you were able to progress in this matter.



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