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Continued Contributor

USPS barcode issues

Hi All,

I am creating an app to scan package barcodes and choose a tenant to deliver the packages to.


1) I choose a tenant, then I scan, scan,scan into a collection. on submit, I patch() the collection into my SPO list.  Everything is working perfectly (when I don't use a USPS barcode)...

2) I go to the deliver package screen where I choose a tenant, scan the barcode, and change the status to delivered to Tenant.

( I haven't figured out how to get them all into a collection for a mass update of "delivery status", that's for another post 🙂 unless...)

For all barcodes, UPS, FedEx, candy wrappers... all work great.

If I scan a USPS barcode, it seems to check in with no issue, but the retrieval is not working.


I attached screenshot of my errors I am getting. 

When I first scan a USPS I get an 8 digit barcodescanner1.value. Looks good to me!

When I look at the item in the APP I see a bar of about 30 digits again looks good to me 🙂  figured the first 8 is a display issue.

I send an alert to the tenant using Outlook.sendemail in my Patch(), and the alert has the same 30 digit bar again all seems fine!

I go to deliver the package, I choose the tenant (I have a checker to make sure the tenant is correct and the Bar exists).

I scan the bar and I get "an error occurred on the server" (see attachment)

in the SPO list I see there is a square between the first 8 I get when I scan in the first step above and the rest of the 30 digits (see attachment).  


has anyone had this issue? 

Does anyone know how to get around this? 

It seems like the square is the cause of my retrieval issue..  


Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated. 

Otherwise I will have to tell my mailroom not to accept packages from USPS any longer 🙂





Resolver III
Resolver III

Hello @joef ,


Do you know what kind of barcode they use? EAN128?


I don't think the scanner supports all barcode types.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi @KennethNicasens ,

I am not sure what kind of barcode they use, but it scans fine when I send it to my SPO list.  the retrieval of the barcode is what is erroring on me.


1) I choose a tenant and I scan, scan, scan to a collection, then I Patch() the collection into my SPO list

2) I go to deliver the package, I choose the tenant and scan the USPS barcode that was sent into my list with no problem, and I get the error in my attachment.


I don't think this is a barcode type issue, I think it's a PowerApp issue.




Frequent Visitor

I have the same issue.  Hard to beleive Microsaoft has not added this as a pending feature considering 3/4 of all Amazon packages are now delivered by the USPS and even some UPS packages are now delivered by USPS with an agreement between companies.


From what I can tell Power Apps supports the following types (but not what sees to be Code204 which from what I can tell is what USPS uses at least for Priority mail.) :  
















If anyone has figured out a workaround to this please let me know.


Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

I added this to the user voice.  Please vote for it maybe we can get MS to fix the issue.

Frequent Visitor

1 year later and still no progress?   Now I find it does not support the Amazon barcode that they use with their own Prime delivery as well, so over 75% of packages shipped by Amazon for the US'. 200 million accounts are not scannable?

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