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Unable to call Send an HTTP request to Azure DevOps

Dear all,


I am trying to fetch all serach results from a WEB API given MS, which helps us to get work item results from that search. But some how I am getting an error saying "Page not found"


URI: /{project}/_apis/search/workitemsearchresults?api-version=5.0-preview.1


Below is the request body I am sending in Flow

  "searchText": "Issue Created by Me",
  "$skip": 0,
  "$top": 1,
  "filters": {
    "System.TeamProject": [
    "System.AreaPath": [
    "System.WorkItemType": [
    "System.State": [
  "$orderBy": [
      "field": "",
      "sortOrder": "ASC"
  "includeFacets": true

Error I am getting:


"error": {
"code": 404,
"source": "",
"clientRequestId": "cec2bcce-f3b2-4a94-905e-20ae56bda16f",
"message": "The response is not in a JSON format.",
"innerError": "\r\n\r\n<!DOCTYPE html>\r\n<html>\r\n<head>\r\n <title>Page not found</title>\r\n <style type=\"text/css\">\r\n body {\r\n font-family: \"-apple-system\",BlinkMacSystemFont,\"Segoe UI\",Roboto,\"Helvetica Neue\",Helvetica,Ubuntu,Arial,sans-serif,\"Apple Color Emoji\",\"Segoe UI Emoji\",\"Segoe UI Symbol\";\r\n font-size: 14px;\r\n height: 100%;\r\n margin: 0;\r\n background-color: #fff;\r\n }\r\n\r\n A {\r\n color: #007ACC;\r\n text-decoration: none;\r\n }\r\n A:hover {\r\n text-decoration: underline;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .header {\r\n background-color: #0078d4;\r\n color: #fff;\r\n height: 40px;\r\n font-size: 14px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .header .logo {\r\n height: 20px;\r\n margin: 9px 5px 0 9px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .header .product-name {\r\n vertical-align: top;\r\n padding-top: 10px;\r\n display: inline-block;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .content {\r\n margin-left: 15%;\r\n margin-right: 5%;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-summary {\r\n margin-bottom: 40px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-code {\r\n display: inline-block;\r\n vertical-align: top;\r\n color: #777;\r\n font-size: 200px;\r\n line-height: 130px;\r\n margin-top: 60px;\r\n margin-right: 40px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-details {\r\n display: inline-block;\r\n vertical-align: top;\r\n margin-top: 60px;\r\n max-width: 500px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-details > h1 {\r\n font-size: 28px;\r\n margin: 0;\r\n text-transform:uppercase;\r\n font-weight:normal;\r\n }\r\n .error-details > h3 {\r\n text-transform: uppercase;\r\n font-size: 16px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-details .action {\r\n font-size: 16px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-details .action-text {\r\n vertical-align: middle;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .error-details > .helpful-links > a {\r\n margin-right: 10px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .more-info {\r\n min-width:600px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .more-info > pre {\r\n margin: 20px 0;\r\n white-space: pre-wrap;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .tips, .additionalDetails {\r\n min-width:500px;\r\n margin: 40px 0;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .tips > ul {\r\n list-style-type: square;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .tips > ul > li {\r\n margin-bottom: 10px;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .additionalDetails > h3 {\r\n font-size: 16px;\r\n font-weight: normal;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .additionalDetails .title {\r\n font-weight: bold;\r\n color: #444;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .additionalDetails .info {\r\n color: #777;\r\n }\r\n\r\n .additionalDetails > div {\r\n margin-top: 5px;\r\n margin-left: 20px;\r\n }\r\n </style>\r\n</head>\r\n<body>\r\n <div class=\"header\">\r\n <span><img class=\"logo\" src=\"data&colon;image/png;base64,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\" /></span>\r\n <span class=\"product-name\">Azure DevOps Services</span>\r\n </div>\r\n <div class=\"content\">\r\n <div class=\"error-summary\">\r\n <div class=\"error-code\">404</div>\r\n <div class=\"error-details\">\r\n <h1>Not Found</h1>\r\n \r\n <p>We could not find the requested page</p>\r\n \r\n <p><a class=\"action\" href=\"https://{Organization}\">\r\n <img border=\"0\" style=\"margin-right:10px;vertical-align:middle\" src=\"data&colon;image/png;base64,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\" /><span class=\"action-text\">Go back home</span>\r\n </a></p>\r\n \r\n <p class=\"helpful-links\">\r\n <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Service Status and Support</a>\r\n <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">@AzureDevOps</a>\r\n </p>\r\n </div>\r\n </div>\r\n\r\n \r\n <div class=\"more-info\">\r\n <h3>More information about this error</h3>\r\n <p>Page not found</p>\r\n\r\n \r\n </div>\r\n \r\n <div class=\"tips\">\r\n <h3>Here are some additional tips</h3>\r\n <ul>\r\n \r\n <li>Verify the URL you are trying to access is correct</li>\r\n \r\n </ul>\r\n </div>\r\n \r\n <div class=\"additionalDetails\" >\r\n <h3>Additional technical details:</h3>\r\n <div>\r\n <span class=\"title\">Activity ID:</span>\r\n <span class=\"info\">55180a09-7ce8-4aea-bd7f-05ff76de8097</span>\r\n </div>\r\n <div>\r\n <span class=\"title\">Date and Time:</span>\r\n <span class=\"info\">5/7/2019 2:53:03 PM (UTC)</span>\r\n </div>\r\n </div>\r\n \r\n </div>\r\n <script src=\"\"></script>\r\n <script type=\"text/javascript\" nonce=\"Fg3AxjoE92snz/kRMgMbxQ==\">\r\n function getError() {\r\n return \"eyJVcmkiOiJodHRwczovL2NoZXZyb24udmlzdWFsc3R1ZGlvLmNvbTo0NDMvSVRDLUlURFMtU0VTLVNNUy1Mb3dDb2RlL19hcGlzL3NlYXJjaC93b3JraXRlbXNlYXJjaHJlc3VsdHM/YXBpLXZlcnNpb249NS4wLXByZXZpZXcuMSIsIlN0YXR1c0NvZGUiOjQwNCwiTWVzc2FnZSI6IlBhZ2Ugbm90IGZvdW5kIiwiRGV0YWlscyI6IiIsIkNvbnRlbnQiOm51bGwsIklkZW50aXR5IjoiR3VkbHVydSwgU2FpIEFjY2VudHVyZSJ9\";\r\n }\r\n\r\n try {\r\n if (typeof window.external !== \"undefined\" && typeof window.external.notifyError !== \"undefined\") {\r\n window.external.notifyError(getError());\r\n }\r\n else if (typeof window.notifyError !== \"undefined\") {\r\n window.notifyError(getError());\r\n }\r\n }\r\n catch (x) {\r\n document.write(\"<p>\" + x + \"</p>\");\r\n }\r\n </script>\r\n</body>\r\n</html>\r\n\r\n\r\n"

am I missing anything while requesting data from Azure DevOps?
Super User II
Super User II

Hi @krishnags


This is the PowerApps forum, so likely why nobody responded to this at the time you posted it - if you're still having these issues (not sure based on the date this was posted if this is still relevant), then you should pose the question on the Flow Community Forums - there are definitely users and Super Users on there using Azure DevOps with excellent Flow knowledge who will be able to assist you.


Kind Regards,



Please 'Mark as Solution' if someone's post answered your question and always 'Thumbs Up' the posts you like or that helped you!

You and everyone else in the community make it the awesome and welcoming place it is, keep your questions coming and make sure to 'like' anything that makes you 'Appy
Sancho Harker, MVP

yeah, but I could able to figure it out and fixed it. Thank you.

Could you please share the solution that resolved this @krishnags if you were able to resolve it yourself?


Please 'Mark as Solution' if someone's post answered your question and always 'Thumbs Up' the posts you like or that helped you!

You and everyone else in the community make it the awesome and welcoming place it is, keep your questions coming and make sure to 'like' anything that makes you 'Appy
Sancho Harker, MVP

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