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Unable to run app with error "your app needs permission to use : SQLserver"

I created my app woith a SQL server on Azure connection adn works just great, however, when I or someone I share the app browse the App URL it shows the error: 


image.pngWhat could it be? I have tried deleting the connection and recreating it, the connection works on the app editor it is not an authentication issue.


I have the same issue but only on the web browser and Ctrl-F5 doesn't change anything. The mobile app works fine no problem on that side it's really weird.



@Romain_Pham, Did you try a different browser?

Hi @Hairy_Drumroll  i tried with Chrome, Firefox, Edge all same message and that to all my user trying to access the app through web browser including me owner of the app. But by Phone no issue the can connect and  interact interact the app without problem (consult, update and add record).


Should I remove the connection and add it back ?

Sorry, outside of my skill set now.

I re oppend my app and find out a old SQL Server connection on premise was still there and while i desactivated the on premise gateway so i guess that was this causing the issue.


Now no more issues

How to fix "Your app needs this connection. Please edit your app to add it back."

1. Remove all possible sql conections, which are linked to the app. Take care. The SQL Connection should all be deleted. Sometimes the System hangs and does not clear a sql connection.

2. Remove Link to Flows, which uses these sql connection

3. After this step i take a little break. Maybe the background needs some time.

4. Save, clear Browser data. Try to start up in run mode. The message should have disappeared.

5. Open your app. Save and Publish it again.

6. Add the connection threw the PowerApps Portal (View/Connection/Add Connection).

New Member

Yes, I struggled with this error all last week and could not publish, and therefore could not Export the latest changes to the app.  Prior to the error I probably Published 10 times over a 2 week span of constant developing on the app.  Anyways, after racking my brain and searching for answers with no avail, I realized that the problem started after I started using Power Automate Flows, but it was not the flows that caused the problem, it was that I changed Environments on my PowerApp to use the same environment as the Flow environment and that is when the problems seem to occur.  When I went back to original environment that I initially created my SQL Connections with for the app, the "Permission" errors went away.


This is my experience, I then re-added my changes to the last good saved app backup files from when I worked in the good environment, and things are working fine now.  I do not understand exactly the details of why, but that is how I was able to get around the problem and I hope this can help someone out there,  because it took me at least several days to figure this out.

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