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Helper IV
Helper IV

Unable to see application in mobile device in PowerApp



We created a basic app using sharepoint list. We shared with users in organisation, but they are unable to see the app in mobile.

All users are members of the sharepoint list .

As part of test, user who opens app in web && have "can edit" access in powerapps , can then see the app in mobile .



Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

When these users open up powerApps on mobile, have them do the following:


Upper left corner of powerApps click "PowerApps" then from the drop down select "All Apps".  Some of our users have ran into a similar issue, they drop down was on "My Apps" and if they had never created a PowerApps before, this screen was empty.  Hope it works.  

I was going to suggest the same. The mobile app launches to 'My apps' by default, but the app won't appear there until either A) they have run it once, or, I suspect B) you assign it to them explicitly by name as you have done with the edit rights.

Hi @davidstone,



We have tried those options and thats doesnt work.

SP site is team site and the list is in subsite . Subsite is having unique permissions.

If we give users the web link in email and they click on it, it opens app in powerapps. but they still doesnt see the app in their powerapp. they can just use app from web link 


We want users to have app in powerapps , not use through web link 




Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Well if that is not the the answer, then unfortunatly I don't really have an answer for you. 

My only other suggestion would be to check who the users are logged in as.  For example, in the past we shared an app with a user, at the email address (As some users have multiple email accounts for some reason), and he was logged in to PowerApps as, so he couldn't see the app.  However, it sounds like you've tried alot of this simple trouble shooting. 

Hi @samuelJ


thanks for your response, Yes, we have applied all of these .

It would be great to know , does powerapp take the unique permissions set on sharepoint subsite, by default  ?


Unfortunately right now for apps created via the sharepoint lists, you have to share it with a security group rather than the organization for it to show up in the lists.


See this:

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