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Unable to submit form due to 'Title' field required, but is not there



I have created a form via my sharepoint and as many of you will know it always adds a 'Title' field. I have removed this from the Form, connected the data on my app arranged the icons and all other aspect seem to be working. However, when I am submitting the form after completing, I get an error saying that data is missing - this is due to that little annoying 'Title' field. 


How to I prevent this from happen? Is there anything I can do to bypass it? Or how do I find it? I cannot seem to see it anywhere on my my form on my application. Quite a confusing one, I didn't have this issue last time. 


Thanks in advance. 


Hi @Pstork1 

Yes this has always been an problem with SharePoint for years since about 2001 !


But until recently, you could ignore the "Title" field. - You could set it to "Optional" and PowerApps / SHarePoint would respect that.  Now whatever you set the "Title" column to, PowerApps / SharePoint bounces any Submits - Title: Field Required.  (Patches still work though !) This is very annoying as there has been no announcements made saying this was going to change.  CAn we not go back to the old way of PowerApps / SharePoint respecting what you have the column set to - Required or Optional.





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As long as you make the Title field optional BEFORE you create your PowerApp, you won't have any errors.


If you create the PowerApp first and then go into the list settings and make the title field optional, you'll continue to receive errors. 



Hi @Microuts 


Thats Interesting !


So once the PowerApps has been created you can NEVER change the Title field to optional in the SharePoint List ?





Hi @NigelP @Microuts ,


This is definitely not the case, I am happy to explain what the issue you are both facing is.


You can definitely change the Title field to 'not required' after you have created the PowerApp - I have done this multiple times.


What I will say to this, is that once you have created the App, if you change ANY field to 'required'/'not required' in the SharePoint list, this setting does NOT update within the App's forms when you refresh the DataSource if you ONLY update the data source. These DataCards then need to be manually set to 'Not Required'/'Required' as they are static cards, or the datacards need to be replaced entirely.


I'll demonstrate:


I make a List in SharePoint, the Title field is required and I've set the Personfield to Required:



Add in some test data via the List itself:




Create the App using Create from DataSource (this applies all the default values, and no human error):




Now we set Title to 'Not Required' in SharePoint, and then Refresh the Data Source in PowerApps:




Now we can see that even after refreshing, the Required field has not changed on the DataCard:



Now we have two options.

  1. Unlock the Card and set Required to false


  2. Change the DataSource to anything else (making the form invalid), then choosing that data source again to recreate all of the cards:



Using Method 1 - we set it to Required: false and try submit a new item, which we can see it has successfully done:



Using method 2 of recreating the datacards, we can see that it's now picked up the correct Required status for Title:



So there's proof that it works!


If you're having any issues please let me know what you are having issues with so that I can help you find a solution 🙂





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Sancho Harker, MVP

@Pstork1 , @iAm_ManCat 

I know this is an old post, but I am a fairly new student of the Power Platform.

I am trying to build a flow that inputs Microsoft Form (quiz) information into a SharePoint list.  Under the "Create Item" action of my Flow, it of course wants Title.  I would like the Title to be the name of the Quiz.  It is not available in the Dynamic Fields, so is there a function I can use to pull this information?



The Trigger for the flow is specific to a particular Microsoft Form.  So although the dynamic content doesn't contain the name of the quiz, you'll know what the name of the quiz is based on the form you use for the trigger. I would just create a variable and hard code the name of the quiz in the flow.

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Can you provide me step by step how to do that?




Here's a screenshot of a form being filled out in the browser.  You can see the FormID I've highlighted in the URL.


So here is a Flow that Triggers off that Form.  You can see the FormID in the trigger. I've added a variable right after that where I set the name of the Form that matches the ID.  Then when you create the item use that variable for the Title.


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Thank you for information!


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