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Helper III
Helper III

Unable to update shared component libraries in power app

I created a shared component library and imported it into my power app. I then go back and update the component library and publish it, and when I go back into my power app, I don't see any "Review" button to update the component library...  I try clicking on the refresh button beside the insert tab and it says: "there are no component libraries to be updated."


How can I get my component libraries to be updated?

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I am having the exact same problem.  Updates were working yesterday morning, and then suddenly stopped yesterday afternoon.  The only way to get it to update is to remove the component from the solution entirely, and then refresh and import it- not ideal if you have an app with a lot of components!

I am in Illinois (Chicago area)

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Hi there,


looks like this has to do with power app license. I have standalone where it works fine and another E5 Developer Subscription (Power Apps for Office 365) which doesn't work, same as your issue, not showing review button.

Super User
Super User

They pushed version 3.21074.37 to be the default version today. 

This morning I tested the library issues and it worked fine.  It was in a fresh new app and it was version 3.21073.27 this morning (a new app).  This afternoon a new app comes up with 3.21074.37 and now the issue exists.


So, set your app authoring back to 73.27 until fixed.


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Yeah you can use my template to default items properties and then you can have that pulled in from a SharePoint list or dataverse or SQL or whatever your preferred storage method is.


For V2 of my template, you would potentially need a SharePoint list with a column for each of the basic Theme properties (color1/2/3, color1/2/3text, darkmode, defaulttextcolor etc). Then point those values in the App to that and it would require no further edits if you wanted changes made to your global theme - every app pulling the data would have its defaults changed to reflect whatever changes you made to the list.


@RandyHayes the CoE toolkit actually uses a modification of my theming template to drive their theming solution, except they store it in Dataverse, whereas I kept mine in-app with the ability to potentially load that data from whatever source you wanted. I spoke with members of the PowerCAT team and showed them how to do it, so they actually used the hacky method of modifying the .msapp to make that solution 🐱


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This same problem started for me this week.  I have not found a way to make the library update.  Will be opening a ticket to get it resolved.


Advocate II
Advocate II

I have an update concerning this issue. Microsoft Support called me and said they have a ticket for the bug but no ETA, so here we are once again not knowing when it will be fixed 🙄


In the meantime, the workaround I posted earlier is not working anymore because version 3.21073 of the PowerApps Studio is not selectable to go back to (at least in our region). This is how you can update components of a library nevertheless:


Open the app in PowerApps Studio.

Add the HTML query element "&studio-version=v3.21073.27.194986047" to the URL and reload. Voilá, the review button appears again.


You should probably reload the site without the additional query element after successfully updating and saving the app in order to work with the latest version of PowerApps Studio.


Just came across this thread and it is exactly what I'm experiencing. Unable to get Component Library updates successfully. Any suggestions as to what might be the cause of this in terms of environment configuration? I have been having these issues with Component Libraries not updating as well. 

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I think the posters here have the only viable answer.  You need to change the studio version that you are using. 


  1. Go to File Menu
  2. Settings
  3. Select Support tab
  4. Under Authoring Version select Edit
  5. In the Authoring Version drop down select a different version.  I am experimenting with 49.  I think there are still some wire up issues as some of my components simply cease to work in certain cases.  As you see in the thread, others have gone backwards. 
Advocate I
Advocate I

Hello everyone,


It seems to be working again since this morning ... without changing the studio version


Have a good one! 🙂

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