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Understanding Collections

How to work around collections. I'm quite new to collections and still trying to understand how it works.  What's the importance of collections? I know it's for large amount of data so that's why I trying to use it for this timesheet app I'm creating because in the long run the app will hold huge amount of entries. So I have an timesheet app that allows users to input their daily entries. Within that app should I add a collection for all entries being added. Do you think I should create a daily creation, weekly, monthly and yearly collections. If so how do I come about it.


Sorry this may sound dumb but I just wanted to get a clear understanding of it.

Super User III
Super User III

Hi @SandraAkujobi 

Collections are a way to store data locally in an app - think of them as a variable that stores table data.

I wouldn't say that they're for large amounts of data. Retrieving and storing large amounts of data in collections will slow down an app.

A common use of collections is to store and to cache data from data sources to help overcome query delegation limitations. There is typically a 2,000 row limit to data retrieval and by using collections, we can save more than 2,000 rows to local collection, which we can then use to query data using query operators that don't support delegation. This is probably where this idea of storing large amounts of data comes from.

If you can build your timesheet app without using collections, I would choose to do that as a first step.

Also, I would recommend @mdevaney's cookbook as a resource for understanding more about collections.


Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @SandraAkujobi 

Collections are special kind of data source. It is useful when we want in-memory store for our data. They are local to an app and not backed by connection to a service in the cloud. The data stored in collections can be accessed from any screen within an app. I would not prefer collection when using large sets of data as it will slow down my app. Collections are commonly used to hold global state for the app. For more information click on the given links


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