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Understanding a toggle

I have jsut built an app using a sharepoint list containing quite a few yes/no columns.

These appear as grey toggles on a grey background (why?). The only indication that an item is on (true) is that the grey button is on the right. Unless my user happens to know this already, then when looking at  list of options it isn't going to be obvious which way is which. The only aternative I can see on the properties is to disply True False which isn't helpful for most people either.


I hoped to change the colour to make on look more "on" e.g. liek it was LED glowing.


I can change the borders the fill of the box the toggle is in but not apparently any element of the gogle. So i can have an if function that chanegs the border based on the value of the toggle. 

I feel I am missing something.


Also toggles take up a lot of spacewhen layout is vertical and are better horziontal (label next to toggle). But multi-line text is the other way around  -hroziontal is not very efficeint. So can I have just toggle horizontal on my disply from? [I don;t think so because although layout is reported as a property of a field it seems to affect the whole form only].


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I was having the same issue...then I decided to "expand" the box to make it larger and low and behold, the label could show now that the box was big enough to display everything.

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Baldgyt,


Have you checked the following document?

Toggle control in PowerApps

For toggle control,  there is corresponding color property available for the True or false:


ValueFill – The background color of the rectangle in a toggle control when its value is true or the color of the line to the left of the handle in a slider control.

ValueHoverFill – When you keep the mouse pointer on a toggle control or a slider, the background color of the rectangle in a toggle control when its value is true or the color of the line to the left of the handle in a slider control.


RailFill – The background color of the rectangle in a toggle control when its value is false or the color of the line to the right of the handle in a slider control.

RailHoverFill – When you hover on a toggle control or a slider, the background color of the rectangle in a toggle control when its value is false or the color of the line to the right of the handle in a slider control.


And by default the color should be in Blue when the toggle value is true, and grey if false.


Please first follow the document to configure the toggle property, and if you need any further help on this, please post back.



Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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I had seen that. But I now know what the issue is:


This is my first app - and the bit I hadn't actually done is used the app in reaility.


I have been ediitng and running in the powerapp tool. I think that must be bugged as the buttons show up grey when viewing (see screenshot). You are right that they have defaulted to blue for selected/on and show as blue when using the app to edit. This is on a windows desktop machine - not tried on other platforms.  But when you review a record the problem as I desribed exists. (Latest version of powerapps -  I installed it 2 days a go to build this app).  [Already discovered that rich text fields are not rendered correctly either].

When viewingWhen viewingWhen editingWhen editing



You are searching some kind of disabledValueFill field but it doesn't seem to exist at the moment for that crontrol, only the DisabledBorderColor exists to interact with the disabled. 


Creating an idea in the idea forum might be the best option for now:


Hi Vicent


I am not sure what you are saying but to be clear.


I am vewing a record with columns that are yes/no (sharepoint)


When I view the record in a  display form fields that are yes or no show in grey with the only idncation as to status whether the grey button in the grey field is to the right or left.  All the other data fields display normally with their data displaying properly - I cant show that because the risk area of my form is a whole screen - but thereare fields above showihng data from the appropriate elements of the list. And you will not the buttons are showing correctly either to the left or right (e/g/ health & Safety Risk) so the data is attached correctly to the button (it does exist at the moment - if it didn;t exist at the moment as you suggest then presumably all the buttons would be in the same position - the display form knows that some are set to YES and shows this correctly)

If I viewTHE SAME RECORD in an edit from the fields imemdiately trun to a blue background for those that are showing Yes (ie.. with the slider to the right).

I haven't touched the fields or changed anything.



View if display form - all grey not working

View in edit form - selected options show blue "working"


Using powerapps Windows 10 app.



They show up as grey because they are at the state "disabled", I'm just saying that at the moment there isn't any option in PowerApps to change the disabled color of these.


So you are confirming that my original statement that having toggles on a display form is next to useless as the user would have to remember whether "left" or "right" is "yes" or "no"?


Sounds particularly half-baked for a product that is released and has been around for some months?

[and I say that as someoen who was a v- for decades]


Summary: toggles will always show up as grey unless it is an edit form? (!!!) Is this documented anywhere?


Yes that is correct, but nothing stops you from adding text on either side for the options.


I thought you'd say that (a fixed header would be nice):smileyhappy:

Actually,something does stop me - as I am sure you know the moving and sizing of cards is incredibly buggy - the most of annoying feature is as you make a card smaller by dragging the size under some circumstances (usually trying to size from the top of an item) the card/box jumps to the bottom of the screen, become "giant" and you usually have to use zoom out to find the bottom edge and shrink it back. When this happens, undo doesn't work.


The whole editing experience leaves much to be desired (pressing enter in the options for visibility of an object [e.g. if you use an expression] causes the editor to close the item, deselect the component and dump you back to the whole screen being selected - very tedious as you navigate your way back. I can't believe how many times I have had to repeat a series of editing steps after something just blows up.


So editing is not fun and based on my two days' experience (!)  it's the last thing you want to do on anything that you have put time into already.


There are so many bits of sharepoint, teams, etc. that juts don't work properly (Try a collection in a modern view! Try a rich text field in a powerapp (class div))


This is clearly a bug (you don't grey out text fields in a display form so why do it to yes/no) so I hope it is already logged. [I find the way that in every forum I am told that I should spend my time re-reporting things elsewhere particularly annoying]


I've been working arround that annoying bug too! Usually I set the height of my items manually to avoid this. The re-reporting can be a pain, but it is necessary for them to make a list of all the things the community wants them to work on.

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