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Undo not working 3.20051.17

I'm not sure if this something specific to my situation or more widespread but I noticed that the "undo" button no longer works when editing a PowerApp in Chrome.


It always seemed a bit fickle but now the undo/redo buttons in the editor don't do anything at all.

Super User
Super User


Me too.


It seems to be temporarily fixed if you close and re open the app... so annoying:(

Yeah, especially when your fingers are flying on the keyboard and you backspace over an icon with a bunch of formulas you were working on and it is gone forever  😱



Amen brother!

Advocate II
Advocate II

I've been experiencing the same in the past few weeks, restarting the editor seems to do the trick temporarily, but this is a MAJOR annoyance if you accidentally delete something with lots of formulas.


I accidentally deleted a screen while that bug was occurring, luckily I had not done much yet and just closing without saving brought the screen back.

New Member

 Is there a solution for this? I'm having the same issue.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am also experiencing this bug. It's making things very difficult as I need to completely recode things.

So far the only solution I was able to get from using support help and my own experience is to close your current PowerApps edit screen AS SOON AS YOU REALIZE THE BUG IS OCCURRING, before you end up deleting something important by accident and be unable to undo.


Sadly, the weeks where I'm developing full time in PowerApps, I often have to close and re-open my app multiple times per day.

Having the same issue. Annoying.

Thanks PowerApps... been working all day on a high-profile project. Undo was working all day. Bumped the wrong key and deleted a gallery I had worked hours on.... gone, no undo, no Ctrl + Z, gone forever. Thanks a lot, now I get to go back and redo my last several hours of work.

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