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Undo not working 3.20051.17

I'm not sure if this something specific to my situation or more widespread but I noticed that the "undo" button no longer works when editing a PowerApp in Chrome.


It always seemed a bit fickle but now the undo/redo buttons in the editor don't do anything at all.

New Member

Also having this issue. The two times it's occurred today (both times I needed to undo something), it failed to work. Anyone know if a fix for this is being worked on?

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The bug is still there. I am using Microsoft Edge v 84.0.522.52 (Official build) (64-bit).

Once again... working on extremely complex app (over the weekend, trying to meet a deadline) and a simple operation turned into losing an hour's worth of work. This time I hit the Ctrl + Z a bunch of times when it was not working and then, I noticed that while the thing I was trying to undo (the latest thing I worked on) didn't undo, unbeknownst to me, on all the other screens not visible to me, the Ctrl + Z actually undid all my work (which I couldn't see because the thing I wanted to undo didn't respond.


All I was trying to a do simple undo of having moved a group with a bunch of complicated X and Y formulas but I as i arrowed over, got the edge, all the items inside the group continued moving to toward the edge, wiping all my X and Y formulas (which is another great "feature", thanks so much for this!).


Beware, just because the last change you make is not undoing, it could be undoing everything else without showing you. Of course Redo didn't work to fix this (not sure why I even tried but of course it did nothing).




Another hour of my work gone! Thanks PowerApps, this really, really leaves everyone with such great impression of your product.


A group of controls accidentally deleted instead of being made invisible. A mistake yes, should this cost me an hour of tedious work that I now have to redo (instead of going home for supper)?


We can't publish every little change we make when apps are in use... can somebody freaking help us here (yes, I'm pissed that this keeps happening).


Exactly same problem. Have spent few hours today and undo not working. All my work is gone. Not sure what is happening. 

Yep, I'm seeing the same - this is super-tedious. Undo either not working at all or having a serious delay so when you hit Undo a few times because it appears not be working, it will suddenly 'catch up' and perform multiple undos.

These days I tend to copy my formulas to NotePad++ and edit them there and also keep copies of the originals.

Another trick is to check under versions and hope there was an auto-save or manual save shortly before a change that wrecks your app.

But basic functionality like Undo really should just work.

Same issue here. In Edge and Chrome. Why hasn't this been fixed? This is crazy.

New Member

having the same issue! so extremly annoying!

Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Yep -  happened to me today - I didn't know it was a widespread issue.

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This is a HUGE problem. Here is what I do (and you have to do it quickly before the autosave kicks in.


  1. Constantly save your work. DO NOT got hours, or even 10/15mins+ without hitting CTRL+S to save your work. Just keep doing it constantly
  2. Do a quick check. Insert a random button or label on the screen and see if you can undo it. If you cant undo it, close the tab ASAP and re-open the app, that should bring back most of your lost work before autosave kicks in and saves your work in the current bad state.
  3. If you have been constantly saving, you should be able to see revisions and check previous revisions to get back lost work.

These have saved me from going certified insane a few times!!!


MS please fix this, hours of work disappears and sometimes these are complex pieces of code we are writing in this so called Low-code, no-code SDK!

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