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Unique identifier between main Sharepoint list and separate folder with word docs/pdfs

I have a Sharepoint list that collects all the data submitted through Powerapps. Additionally, I have a separate folder where the converted word docs to pdfs (which includes the Sharepoint list data) in a separate folder. I would like to have "Design Number" as the unique identifier between both list and folder so that I can cross reference. Is that possible?


Or even, attaching the pdf to a column within the sharepoint list so that I can get rid of the folder. 


Thank you!



Ok, then the first item is not updating correctly. I put "title 1 and 2" in their respective Titles of Create files 1 or 2. "title 2" appeared within the word doc/pdf listing. And again, no new submission appeared in the first listing. So something wrong with the first create file?


Item_ID is different and I copy and pasted the reference for Number. It's the same.  

@pnass001 ,

There is clearly a communication gap between us as evidenced also by the previous post and that is probably my issue, but I cannot solve it.

Sorry, but I cannot continue this - I have tried as hard as I can to explain a process in as many different ways as I know including the steps for you to solve it logically.  It also more properly belongs on the Power Automate Community.

You seem also now to have an error in your Power Apps Flow.

I will tag a couple of the Community Support Team team to see if they can conclude this matter for you. @v-xida-msft @v-yutliu-msft 




Firstly, thank you for taking the time in trying your best to describe how to solve this issue. But I'm providing you with screenshots showing that everything is in place as you have described in your previous comments. The flow is working smoothly. 


Maybe the miscommunication is how to create the same input within "Number" since that seems to be the issue? 

@pnass001 ,

Going back to a post a number of exchanges ago, I gave you this. You create the first one with "Ask in PowerApps" and the second one by selecting the item in the right panel with the same name (not creating another one).

Two things to check;

  1. If you put the same reference value in the second one (not "ask in Power Apps" - use the same "icon" from the right), it has got to populate the list. Is this what you have done?
  2. Make sure the IDs are from the two different Create File actions.
















@WarrenBelz It works. And was my fault. I want to apologize for the frustration. The flow was correct all along. The real reasoning for the confusion was SubmitForm() is a separate button which sends the data to the first listing. While the flow we are working on is connected to another button. Reason being, correct me if I'm wrong, the data from the form has to be within Sharepoint before converting to word doc to pdf. 


What was happening was my code in the flow button lacked the SubmitForm() and only the word doc to pdf code. Again, my apologies. 


Is it possible to connect both buttons under one button or does the form need to be submitted before a word doc/pdf can be generated. Currently I'll submit the form and the fields will all reset. So, I would have to back into my gallery, select the previous submission, go into edit mode, then click the convert to word/pdf button.


No problems @pnass001 ,

You have to understand I want to help you, but your question Unique identifier between main Sharepoint list and separate folder with word docs/pdfs had been answered in as many ways as I could think of.

I needed to stress the importance of learning some "debugging" skills and realizing that if the code is right, the process is wrong. As an example, my suggestion of putting text in the Title field was to prove that you were pointing at the right item. Then if that was right and the number was appearing in the first and not the second, then the number reference was wrong. If all that is right, then (as you have done) work your way backwards in the process.

To your question, you are better off leaving it the way you have it, but you could try putting the second button code after the SubmitForm() code on the first button.


Yes, you're correct. It was a simple but big error on my behalf. Thank you again for your patience.


I'll keep the buttons separate because the fields reset to the very first submission within the gallery when the form is submitted (unsure why). Is it possible for the fields to stay populated with the very last submission, once the person submits form, so the person submitting can directly click on the convert PDF button, rather than going through the gallery to find their submission, click on it to put it into edit mode, then click on the convert to PDF button

@pnass001 ,

I have no idea of your form layout and this is a totally different subject.

If you describe it properly on a new thread, it should not be hard to answer.

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