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Unresponsive black screen when using combo-box for second time on Android

I think I've come across a bug in the Android player. I have a screen on which there is a combo-box which allows the user to select a location. It works okay with the first selection, but if the user then tries to select a different location, the screen goes black and unresponsive. The only thing the user can do at this point is press the back button or slide from the left to exit the app.

I am working through and trying to work out what is causing this. I suspect that it is due to something which is dependent on the combo-box selection. Nevertheless, I wouldn't expect the screen to go black, so I am presuming that there is some kind of bug at play here.

This only occurs in the Android app; it works fine in the web player. I have tried it on two different types of mobile device and seen the same behaviour consistently.

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Resident Rockstar

I can try to replicate this. Can you elaborate on any functions tied to the Combo Box, or any other controls which are reliant on it? A quick way to check is to delete the control and check the error log, you can easily undo the delete once you've determined what was reliant on it.

Hi @GarethPrisk, thanks for the offer.

I think I might have fixed it now. I found a data issue in an indirectly related data source. Changing this combo-box changed the value that was passed to a formula elsewhere in the app.

The data source was an SQL 'View' which had not been set up quite right and was passing null values to something which seemingly couldn't cope with them. It doesn't necessarily explain why it wasn't occurring on the initial selection either.

Still, I would have expected an error message rather than a black screen. Is this normal behaviour when something goes wrong in an app?

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Turns out I didn't fix it. However, I've so far narrowed it down to the following:


On first selecting an item from the combo-box, all is fine. When reselecting, I will get a black screen UNLESS I selected the first station by entering search text that only results in one item being available. That is, when I go to reselect, the search text is still there and only the same item is still available to pick. However, as soon as I delete a character from the search text and more than one item is shown, I get the black screen.


Very odd! I'll keep trying things...

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I have duplicated the problematic control so as to create a copy of it without any dependencies. I found that it behaved the same way so I don't think that this problem is being caused by dependencies.

Further to my previous post, I have found that, in the situation where the first item was selected by searching for a single item, I can search and select a replacement item but only if I tap the X to clear the current item first. I should point out that my combo-box is configured to not allow multiple selections.

It seems to me then that the black screen occurs when trying to replace a selection when there is more than one item available to choose from. Knowing this, I have checked a similarly configured control elsewhere in my app and found that it behaves the same.

It's been a few weeks since I published the live version of my app which doesn't have this bug. Could something have changed in the publishing build process recently which has introduced this issue?

Does anybody know the process for reporting bugs to the PowerApps development team?

I have the same problem. Checked all formulas but still fine.

Any news about that bug????
@jwxc @GarethPrisk 

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Hi @Romansx

I found that the problem disappeared after an update to the PowerApps Android app so I presume it was a bug in that. If you haven't already checked, make sure that you and/or your users are running the latest version of the mobile apps. Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have much to suggest apart from what I mentioned in this post.

Hope that helps in some way.

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I'm having the same problem with my dropbox and combobox. It happens when I am offline.

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@jwxcI have the same bug, I am on the latest powerapps app. Yet the bug prevails. I have a dropdown select which I save to a collection, it works for the first time but subsequent changes give the 'black screen'. Text boxes are unaffected. It seems to be happening only to dropdowns. Is it some problem with delegation perhaps?

The Default value of the element  -> *First(collection).itemName*
the onUpdate of the DataCard -> 


        item: DataCardValue6.Selected,


I am using only one row of the collection at all times.

Edit: Solved
I switched over from DataCardValue that came along with the entity form and made it into a custom dropdown element and it works like a charm.

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