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Update a picture outside a form

I was wondering whether it is possible to update items that are outside of a form.

Currently I got a form with multiple datacards. One of these datacards is a custom datacard which contains a gallery. This gallery stores and shows every picture stored inside the standard "attachment" datacards. (source: Now I want to show a large picture by clicking on the smaller picture in the datacard gallery, which overlaps the entire screen. The problem is that either:

1. I can show the picture in a datacard, but this is too small.

2. The picture will not update, because it is outside of the form.


Is there any way I can have my picture overlap the entire screen?

Thank you in advance!

Super User
Super User

Hi @NoTimeLeft 


Try this:


'OnSelect' property of your image control inside your nested Gallery: Set(varPic, ThisItem.Value)


(Run the app and click on an image to populate the variable..)


Add your full size image outside/over the form - Set it's image property to varPic (this should now be showing the image you grabbed in the variable)


Add a Cancel icon and set it's 'OnSelect' property to Set(varPic, Blank())


Now hold ctrl and select both the cancel icon and full size pic - then change their 'Visible' properties to varPic<> Blank()


Optionally, you can change the pic fill colour to a semi transparent shade, so users see that appear before the pic renders in the control.


Hope this is helpful

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