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Re: Update blank/Null value to fields (Date, User, Choice field etc.) in SharePoint list / database

Hmm... Smart! That should work. I was just considering workarounds and was going to try conditioning everything to the 1800s and making the admin enter a designated ancient date. Your solution would keep things in the realm of common sense. Thanks!

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Re: Update blank/Null value to fields (Date, User, Choice field etc.) in SharePoint list / database

I don't know how useful this is but I found a way to set a SharePoint date time field to NULL by accident! This was the scenario:


I had a Date Picker control (it is not in the Gallery) and I had this PATCH command (on a button in the Gallery):


{SPDateFieldName: If(!IsBlank(DatePickerName.SelectedDate),DatePickerName.SelectedDate)}



When I clicked the button there was no value in the Date Picker (it was Blank so it didn't meet the criteria of the IF statement) but there was a current value in SPDateFieldName in the SharePoint list. To my surprise when I looked at the list the SPDateFieldName value had been cleared out! I assumed it would remain and only be overwritten if there was a value in the Date Picker control.


I had to change the command to:



{SPDateFieldName: If(!IsBlank(DatePickerName.SelectedDate),DatePickerName.SelectedDate,ThisItem.SPDateFieldName)}



To preserve the value in the SharePoint date field even when then Date Picker control is Blank.


Maybe not a great workaround but it shows that it is possible to set SharePoint date fields to NULL.

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Re: Update blank/Null value to fields (Date, User, Choice field etc.) in SharePoint list / database

I think that the following is easier solution.


Update the Default Value and On change properties as below.  It works well.  Hope it helps you.


In the PowerApp,

Date picker Name : dDue

Create a Variable: vDate 


Default ValueIf(vDate="Empty",Blank(), If(vDate="NotEmpty", dDue.SelectedDate, Parent.Default ))
On ChangeIf(IsBlank(dDue), Set(vDate, "Empty"), Set(vDate, "NotEmpty"))
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Re: Update blank/Null value to fields (Date, User, Choice field etc.) in SharePoint list / database

Hey @kbirstein1 and @ktvision,


Thanks for providing your insights on how this limitation might be overcome. Sadly, in testing, I've confirmed that the use of a blank date picker to clear a SharePoint date field is still reliant on the Experimental Feature referenced in the original post -


I had no luck with this prospective solution until I enabled that experimental feature and started a new editing session. Once the feature was initialized (following the all-important reload), I was able to blank the date field. I can reliably break/unbreak this ability to nullify date field entries by disabling/enabling the experimental feature and reloading the app in edit mode. Perhaps you knew this already - this is certainly the only way that I've encountered to clear a date field. I have a few posts in that cover my standard-functionality approach to clearing Choice/Lookup and Person Picker fields.




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Re: Update blank/Null value to fields (Date, User, Choice field etc.) in SharePoint list / database



Here is a solution that works for me. The underlying data is Azure SQL though it should also work on prem SQL. Caution: it is not a pretty solution.


Step 1. Create a stored procedure: uspMakeNull. Note: We use IDENTITY column, id_num, as a row identifier in all tables, 

CREATE PROCEDURE [Exodus].[uspMakeNull] @ColumnName nvarchar(255), @TableName nvarchar(255), @ID_num int
DECLARE @SQL nvarchar(max);
SET @SQL = 'UPDATE Exodus.' + @TableName + ' SET ' + @ColumnName + '=NULL' + ' WHERE id_num=' + CAST(@id_num AS nvarchar(255));


Step 2. In Flow, create a flow: MakeNull (see attachment)

 The flow has: 1. PowerApps trigger

                       2. Execute stored procedure block with:

                                     Procedure name: name from Step 1.

                                     ColumnName: Executestoredprocedure_ColumnName (PowerApps)

                                     id_num: Executestoredprocedure_id_num (PowerApps)

                                     TableName: Executestoredprocedure_TableName (PowerApps)

Step 3. In PowerApps, OnChange property for the desired column:

If(IsBlank(dcvDate.SelectedDate), UpdateContext({BlankDate: true}), UpdateContext({BlankDate: false}))


Step 4: In PowerApps, after the SubmitForm statement (I am calling SubmitForm from a button's OnSelect property)

    UpdateContext({BlankDate: false})


I hope this helps.



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