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Update input value to sharepoint list

Need help unable to update data to sharepoint list with following senario

* List name:- Clients
* Lookup Column:- Customer

* Lookup Value: CustomerValue (input text box name:- CustomerValue  (gets populated by selection box name:- DropdownCustomers)

* Column name to update:- FullName

* Value to update:- FullNameValue (input text box name:- FullNameValue  (gets populated based on selection box name:- DropdownCustomers)


This is my attempt but get following error:- Invocation of unknown or unsupported function


Patch(Clients, Lookup(Clients, Customer = CustomerValue,{FullName:FullNameValue});




Patch(Clients, Lookup(Clients, Customer = CustomerValue,{FullName:FullNameValue.Text});


When I do a normal patch everything is working





Accepted Solutions

Looks like you may have a close bracket missing for your lookup?.. after Customer Value.Text 


Can you try this?

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Super User
Super User

Hi @johanvena 


Please add .Text after both TextInput controls 'CustomerValue' and 'FullNameValue' in all your formulas.


Hope this helps - Good Luck!

Regular Visitor

Tried:-   Patch(Clients, Lookup(Clients, Customer = CustomerValue.Text,{FullName:FullNameValue.Text});
Not working still error
These type can't be compared: error,control 

Looks like you may have a close bracket missing for your lookup?.. after Customer Value.Text 


Can you try this?

Indeed forgot closed bracket thanx now working

Patch(Clients,LookUp(Clients, Customer=CustomerValue.Text),{FullName: FullNameValue.Text})

Super User
Super User

That's great @johanvena - glad to hear it.


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