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Helper I

Update multiple records in gallery X on change of a toggle in gallery Y

Hello everyone,


I am facing the below problem, and I haven't found a solution yet....


I have 2 galleries:

Gallery X: Contains all the change requests (Gallery: Requests, SP List: Tracker). The requests have a column (request_status), which is by default "open" and with a toggle it can be switched to "closed"


Gallery Y: Contains all the actions needed to be taken around the above change requests (Gallery: Action_Gallery, SP List: Actions). The actions have a column (action_status), which have similar functionality to above


I want to achieve the following: When a person closes a request, I want all the related to the request actions to be closed.


I have tried the below syntax, on the change of the toggle of the 1st gallery, without success...

The request name exists in both SP lists and it's the primary key used to connect everything

ForAll(Actions,Patch(Actions, ID = Requests.Selected.ID,{action_status:"closed"}))
ForAll(Filter(Actions, LookUp(Tracker, ID = Requests.Selected.ID,Request_Name) = Request Name),Patch(Actions, ID = ID, {action_status:"closed"}))


Thank you!!!

Helper I
Helper I

Thank you @Drrickryp , let me review the material and I will come back 😉
I will try to keep the chain alive 😛 

Helper I
Helper I



After lots of trial & error + some extensive research around, I found the solution to my problem 🙂
The syntax which works for me is the below:

ForAll(Action_Gallery.AllItems, UpdateIf(Actions, Action_Name = GalleryX. Selected.Action_Name, {action_status = "closed"})

Essentially, I used the UpdateIf function (vs patch which I couldn't figure out), but I made sure not to use the same source in ForAll & UpdateIf. Instead, I used a combination of SP lists & Galleries.


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